Project Manager for the Crisis Diversion Facility (CDF) team

DESC’s Crisis Solutions Center (CSC) is currently recruiting for a Project Manager for the Crisis Diversion Facility (CDF) team.

DESC’s Crisis Solutions Center (CSC) is a facility designed to provide a wide range of services for eligible individuals in mental health and/or chemical dependency crisis within King County. It aims to divert eligible individuals from hospitals and jails by providing a more appropriate therapeutic alternative. This is an all voluntary facility open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will provide rapid stabilization, treatment and referrals for up to 39 individuals at a time.

The CDF Project Manager is responsible for overseeing the full scope of services provided by the CDF, with a focus on crisis intervention, stabilization, coordination with community resources, and jail and hospital diversion. The CDF Project Manager will ensure close coordination and collaboration with MCT and CDIS staff. The CDF Project Manager will: provide routine administrative and clinical supervision of the CDF Shift Supervisors, Chemical Dependency Supervisor, and other staff as assigned; assure compliance with all local, state and federal laws and relevant contract and procedure requirements associated with the operations within the CSC; teach and promote core DESC values; and participate in and provide essential training. This position includes administrative duties associated with planning, hiring, and quality assurance/improvement.Three separate programs work in close collaboration, including staff being assigned to work within each project as needed.

  • The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) meets first responders at calls throughout the County, referring individuals to appropriate community providers.
  • The 16-bed Crisis Diversion Facility (CDF) admits clients on avoluntary basis for up to 72 hours, and guidelines for referral include having good behavioral control, no history of violence, and willingness to cooperate with services.
  • Crisis Diversion Interim Services (CDIS), with 23 beds, accepts individuals who have “graduated” from the Crisis Diversion Facility who are homeless, or at risk for homelessness. Clients may stay for up to 14 days, and will be able to access psychiatric services; mental health and chemical dependency assessments; individual and group counseling; and intensive case management.


  • Meet minimum criteria as a Mental Health Professional as defined in RCW 71.05, WAC 388-865-0400 which typically requires Master’s degree in a social work, psychology or other relevant behavioral science or Bachelor of Nursing degree with specialty in mental health.
  • Minimum of four years experience providing direct clinical services to persons with serious mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Familiar with Recovery Principles, Crisis Intervention and Stabilization, Integrated Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders, Intensive Case Management, Illness Management, and relevant Evidenced based/Emerging best practices.
  • Knowledge of Harm Reduction strategies.
  • Strong working knowledge of DSM IV (and its successor).
  • Possess strong communication and writing skills.
  • Possess the skills and attitude to provide sound clinical and administrative supervision.
  • Qualified to provide Department of Health Approved Supervision to LICSW, LMFT and/or LMHC candidates, preferred.
  • Bilingual in Spanish/English, preferred.
  • Bi-cultural background/experience and/or qualify as an Ethnic Minority, DD, or Geriatric Mental Health Specialist (per WAC 388-865-0150 definition), preferred.
  • Experience providing supervision and/or program management within the mental health and/or chemical dependency field, preferred.
  • Strong applicants are able to demonstrate the ability to be positive in their empathetic responses to all persons; understand the value of meaningful and deep client engagement; have the potential to acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills of an effective crisis worker; and value a non-judgmental response to sensitive issues.
  • Candidates should be able to accept feedback and work in a highly collaborative and potentially stressful environment.
  • Strong knowledge of DBHR WAC and DOH WAC requirements, preferred.

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How to apply

  • Please submit a cover letter detailing your reasons for applying for this position, along with a resume to
  • Email attachments will not be accepted unless they are in a format readable by MS Word or Adobe Reader. Attachments in formats such as .wps or .jpeg will not be accepted.
  • You may also mail your cover letter and resume to: DESC, ATTN: Human Resources, 515 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, or fax to (206) 515-1501.
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Crisis Solutions Center (CSC)
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