Program Manager - Teacher Services, Chicago

The Program Manager ; Teacher Services at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is responsible for five primary areas: 1) Promoting NFTE within schools and supporting a caseload of NFTE teachers and students to implement its entrepreneurship programs with high fidelity; 2) Designing and coordinating NFTE Chicago’s teacher training, professional development, and supports 3) Building upon NFTE’s evaluation framework and analyzing data to assess the effectiveness of the program and identify opportunities for improvements; 4) Designing program and curricular enhancements to ensure the success of NFTE teachers and students 5) Building and managing relationships with the CPS Department of Professional Learning and other teacher professional development organizations to maximize the supports offered to NFTE teachers.

The Program Manager ; Teacher Services will work with the NFTE Program team to envision and execute initiatives to enhance programmatic opportunities for current students and teachers across Chicago. They will also have the opportunity to learn about various facets of nonprofit management within a collaborative team environment.


  • Promote NFTE within schools and support a caseload of NFTE teachers and students to implement its entrepreneurship programs with high fidelity
  • Manage and support a caseload of NFTE teachers across multiple schools, tailoring supports to ensure NFTE students achieve the academic and skill-based goals of the program.
  • Provide content expertise, pedagogical suggestions, and offer coaching, feedback, and best practices for how to engage and excite students about NFTE’s experiential, project-based programming
  • Form strong relationships with NFTE’s educators, principals and program partners to build successful school partnerships and infuse an entrepreneurial mindset across the culture of NFTE schools
  • Coordinate and manage key programming events such wholesale field trips, NFTE Launch (NFTE’s Spring Break Camp) and classroom business plan competitions
  • Handle logistics such as site visits, volunteer opportunities, field trips and other aspects of program implementation for assigned NFTE teachers and corresponding classes
  • Collect and track all program expenses, submit timely expense reimbursement requests, and prepare information for internal and external financial reporting
  • Input and analyze data in Salesforce to track program performance and make appropriate adjustments based on data
  • Design and coordinate teacher training, professional development, and supports
  • Collaborate with NFTE’s national office to plan and deliver NFTE Chicago teacher training events including NFTE University, a training for 1st year NFTE teachers, the Teacher Summit, a 2-day retreat for experienced NFTE teachers, 4 full-day professional development sessions throughout the year, and a set of webinars
  • Use data to analyze and optimize NFTE Program Team’s support model to ensure maximal student impact
  • Build tools to ensure clarity of NFTE’s expectations of teachers
  • Develop strong relationships with NFTE teachers to support their growth in delivering the NFTE program
  • Draft weekly communications to support teachers and offer additional resources
  • Develop additional curricular materials to address classroom needs during the year
  • Build upon NFTE’s evaluation framework and analyze data to assess the effectiveness of the program and identify opportunities for improvements
  • Analyze and track program implementation and outcomes data in systems such as Salesforce and document qualitative and quantitative program features
  • Determine additional methods for assessing programmatic outcomes to measure outcomes of NFTE’s programs
  • Devise and implement additional strategies for NFTE to use data to drive programmatic improvements
  • Design program and curricular enhancements to the NFTE Program
  • Using data, identify areas in need of additional supports and scaffolds
  • Build the NFTE Program team’s ability to effectively support teachers in implementing NFTE’s programs
  • Identify, collect, and create materials to enhance the NFTE curriculum and supports offered to teachers
  • Coordinate and execute other student experiences, such as Spring break and summer business camps
  • Collaborate with headquarters and other NFTE program offices to capture and share best practices
  • Build and maintain relationships with other teacher professional development entities
  • Work with the CPS Office of Professional Learning to ensure NFTE training and supports align with district initiatives
  • Collaborate with other teacher professional learning organizations to understand best practices and identify additional training opportunities for NFTE teachers


  • Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree in education-related field preferred
  • Minimum three – five years teaching experience
  • Experience designing trainings and coaching and supporting teachers
  • Familiarity with a variety of pedagogical approaches and curriculum planning strategies
  • Experience in a business/professional environment outside the classroom preferred
  • Demonstrated belief in NFTE’s mission and values
  • Must be an engaging and dynamic presenter
  • Strong passion for improving public schools and for increasing opportunities for students from low-income communities
  • Visionary and strategic thinker with the ability to conceptualize, implement, and manage multiple projects in an effective manner
  • Analytical ability and comfort using data to make strategic decisions
  • Must be able to work independently and collaboratively, think critically, take initiative, and display leadership across multiple stakeholder groups
  • Strong organizational and time management skills and detail orientation required
  • Comfort representing NFTE to external partners and audiences
  • Enjoyment and skill in developing rapport with and influencing young people
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Interest in building internal capacities of a small program office and ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment.
chicago, Illinois
Teacher Services at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)