Program Manager - Memphis Teacher Talent Initiative

PathWays PA is seeking a Program Manager for our Delaware County residential program for women and children. The candidate shall be a mature individual who understands the clinical and concrete day to day issues that disadvantaged families struggle with and shall possess the knowledge to generate and promote programming designed to address those issues. They shall possess the ability to promote team cohesiveness and foster a non-punitive, strength based environment. The Program Manager will be responsible for the overall operations of the daily programming including the educational, recreational, therapeutic, and life skills services as well as the overall operation of the Learning Center. This position will also encompass: supervising and monitoring the overall food preparation, purchase and storage, and compliance with all USDA standards and regulations; supervising maintenance team to assure timely and appropriate building and grounds maintenance and the ordering and distribution of supplies; monitor staffing and assure that adequate coverage is in place for all required shifts.
Master’s Degree in Social Work or related Master’s Degree requierd and minimum two years of program management and supervision experience. Send cover letter and resume via email or fax to 610-328-2807 attn: JL/CFF. EOE

How to apply

email or fax cover letter and resume to 610-328-2807.

Holmes, Pennsylvania
PathWays PA

fax to 610-328-2807
310 Amosland Road, Holmes, PA, 19043, US