Operational/Program Management
â–ªLead the development and implementation of short and long term plans, including strategic and operational plans.
â–ªMediate competing demands on resources for efficient allocation of staff time and budget.
â–ªManage, motivate, support, and empower District Teams to ensure strategic goals are met.
â–ªFacilitate communication between District Teams to ensure all staff members receive the information they need to be successful. Ensure that staff are working together as a cohesive unit with common direction and directives.
â–ªConduct staff meetings to maximize efficiency.
â–ªAssist in the management of fiscal operations including budget development and modifications, helping to ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines to meet strategic goals.
â–ªIncrease and diversify the organization’s funding sources to ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work.
â–ªCultivate existing and develop new partnerships to encourage cooperation and resource sharing.
â–ªEnsure that the District and its partners are properly represented at local, regional, and national conferences and events to further the District’s and our partners’ programs.
Human Resources
â–ªDevelop objective performance measurements across all programs, to ensure consistent, high-quality evaluation, and goal setting for all staff.
â–ªEnsure that the District Team structure provides the means to sustain the organization and support growth.
â–ª Develop, refine, and implement policies and procedures including professional development, personnel, succession planning, and performance evaluation for all staff in order to maintain a climate that attracts and maintains staff with diverse and complimentary skillsets to sustain the District’s mission.
â–ªDevelop, review, and refine job descriptions and billable goals for all staff positions.
â–ªEnsure that staff obtain necessary professional development.
â–ªAssist staff in identifying their competencies that can be utilized across the organization. Project Management
â–ªResearch, design, coordinate, and prepare funding proposals and opportunities related to initiatives that further the District’s programs and align with the Strategic Plan.
â–ª Be an active member of project teams as needed. Contribute to project success via measurable outcomes and objectives.
â–ªDocumented and demonstrated experience in a leadership role in strategic and/or operational planning and implementation.
â–ªDemonstrated ability and experience in research, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs, services,
and projects.
â–ªDemonstrated ability to comprehend, analyze, and intellectually discuss complex topics and projects
related to the District’s mission. Such projects may include, but are not limited to, natural resource planning and assessment, urban water quality, soil and water degradation, and implementing environmental regulations.
â–ª Ability to effectively participate in multi-disciplinary teams, be a team leader, and have a demonstrated ability to achieve desired results through the application of team concepts.

â–ª Experience developing and managing operational budgets.
â–ª Experience with meeting facilitation and ability to lead collective decision making processes.
â–ª Understanding of human resources, employee performance evaluations, and implementation of personnel policies.
â–ª Experience hiring, recruiting, managing, developing, coaching, mentoring, and retaining individuals and teams. Proven leader who empowers team members to reach their greatest potential.
â–ª Ability to establish and maintain cooperative and meaningful working relationships with co-workers, representatives of government and private sector, policy makers, and the general public.
â–ª Excellent communication skills required, both written and oral, to clearly and concisely convey complex issues to a
wide variety of audiences including the non-technical general public, scientists and engineers, policy makers, decision-makers, and elected officials at all levels of government.
â–ª Ability to develop and execute work plans with measurable outcomes that meet objectives.
â–ª Demonstrated ability to work independently of direct supervision.
â–ª Knowledge of government functions and organizations affecting all levels of government. Ability to understand and apply laws, rules, ordinances, standards, and guidelines.
â–ª The work is performed in cooperation with staff and the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors.
â–ª General supervision is provided by the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors.
â–ª The Program Director is responsible for:
o fostering cooperation among the project/program teams;
o ensuring that appropriate project/program information is communicated;
o conducting staff meetings to maximize efficiency and,
o ensuring that teams are working together as a cohesive unit with common direction and directives.
â–ª Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s preferred) from an accredited college or university.
â–ª Significant and proven leadership skills developed through several years in senior management. Excellent
organizational development, interpersonal, communication, administration, and personnel management skills
are essential.
â–ª Any equivalent combination of education and experience which provides the knowledge and abilities necessary to
perform the work.
â–ª Experience managing complex, multifaceted projects resulting in measurable successes and program growth.
â–ª Experience working with a high-performance, collaborative, and constructive peer group.
â–ª Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to detail.
â–ª Personal qualities of integrity and credibility.
Commitment to and passion for Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District’s mission.
Windham, Maine
Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District

35 Main Street, Suite 3, Windham, ME 04062