Program Associate Fellow

Center for Diversity & the Environment , Portland, OR (Western Region)

The Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE) racially and ethnically diversifies the U.S. environmental movement by developing leaders, diversifying institutions, and building community. We envision a healthy, flourishing planet and society that sustainably and equitably meets the needs of all its citizens through a diverse, inclusive, successful, vibrant, and relevant environmental movement that takes into account the needs, perspectives, and voices of all. CDE serves as an advocate, strategist, convener, connector, and educator for diversifying the path forward in this work. We engage leaders and institutions that are dedicated to the vision of a more inclusive and unified environmental community. Our combined transformational leadership programs, organizational outreach services, and movement building programs have enriched and transformed the lives and work of thousands of environmental professionals and people of color across the U.S.

Title: Program Associate Fellow
Goals: The Wyss Fellow at Center for Diversity & the Environment will support the delivery and expansion of CDE’s programs, which seek to create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, relevant and successful conservation movement in the U.S. The Wyss Fellow will focus their efforts on programs delivered in the West. The Wyss Fellowship provides a two-year source of funding for an individual who is newer to the career of conservation who shows potential to become a leader in the field.
1. Support the development of diversity change agents and community and organizational leaders in the conservation movement (defined broadly to include social justice, environmental justice, traditional agriculture, and environmental and conservation organizations)
2. Build capacity and inspiration within conservation organizations and institutions to more effectively incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion into their workplaces & programming
3. Help expand and amplify the impact of the Environmental Professionals of Color network
4. Overall, support and assist the National Programs Director with delivery of unique, high impact programs that are tailored to a wide range of target audiences and organizations at early, intermediate and advanced stages of equity, diversity and inclusion work

Activities & Responsibilities
Program logistics & administration
• Provide logistical support and administration for various program activities, including: coordination of event outreach, scheduling & management; program registration; responding to program inquiries
• Develop program delivery materials portfolio, including refining of materials as well as document compiling, management & organization
Program design, delivery and evaluation
• Become familiar with diversity, equity, and inclusion skills, concepts, and approaches, such as creating inclusive environments, emotional intelligence and diversity, working across difference, understanding power and privilege, etc.
• Assist with delivery and evaluation of organizational programming, such as CDE’s Equity Engagement & Strategy Session, Equity Audit, training, coaching, and consulting
• Assist with facilitation of sessions, retreats and workshops
• Demonstrate ability to evolve with the position as a greater understanding develops of ways change can come about in equity and inclusion work at the individual or organizational level

Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC)
• Assist with the development, support and growth of Environmental Professionals of Color chapters nationwide
• Co-Management of Google Groups with Chapter Leadership Teams
• Respond to chapter communications and inquiries in a timely manner
• Help facilitate communication between chapters as well as connect interested parties with existing chapters

• Communicate in a respectful, honest, authentic and effective manner both verbally and in writing
• Assist with outreach communications using email, telephone, website, Google Groups, and social media

Team Membership
• Build strong relationships at individual, team, and organizational levels with CDE supporters, participants, partners, staff, volunteers, and clients
• Demonstrate accountability, goal setting and achievement, and relationship building over time in order to realize greater authority and self-direction within this role
• Assist CDE team with other events and activities as necessary

The ideal candidate will:
• Develop a familiarity and understanding of CDE’s mission, goals and programs
• Display experience, interest, and a sense of curiosity regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion in the conservation movement, and a passion for a new paradigm that thinks beyond old hegemonies of power and privilege
• Be able to work collaboratively in partnership, work independently, and take direction
• Embody curiosity, compassion, approachability, humility, and an openness to input from others
• Possess strong intercultural skills; be willing to engage in difficult dialogues while maintaining a goal of resolution as well as an ability to work across a variety of differences
• Demonstrate creativity and flexibility for navigating a small and growing organization
• Espouse a non-dualistic approach to relationships, dialogue, and problem-solving
• Demonstrate an ability to work with a level of comfort with ambiguity
• Have a good sense of humor
• Possess strong writing skills
• Be curious, interested in and open to development of facilitation, training, and consulting skills
• Demonstrate cultural competence
• Be motivated and have excellent time management and organizational skills
• Have a strong attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind
• Have experience developing project work plans to produce outcomes and reach goals
• Be competent with full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and other technologies (Dropbox, Google docs, Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, Evite)
• Demonstrate facility with social media and social networking platforms

This position will require flexibility around a highly demanding and often rewarding set of work conditions. Work hours may be spent in a shared office space, telecommuting, in meetings, as well as in retreats and workshops which will require the Program Associate to remain actively engaged during long and intense work days (occasional 12-hour days in retreat in a highly visible facilitation role). Thus, the Program Assistant will benefit from an indefatigable spirit, physical and emotional endurance, a willingness to step into his/her own learning process and to remain engaged with an at times intense and challenging process. Engagement at this level will require the Program Associate to be a patient and active listener, to engage his/her emotional intelligence, and to expose his/her own vulnerability at times. The successful candidate will have a true passion for and belief in diversifying the environmental movement.

Location: Portland, OR
Salary: competitive
Position Duration: 2 years
Please submit résumé and cover letter to Queta González at using the subject line ; Program Associate Fellow

Portland, Oregon
The Center for Diversity & the Environment (CDE)
Queta González