Program Associate, Andes-Amazon Initiative

Established in September 2000, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation seeks to advance environmental conservation, scientific research, and patient care. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is among the 10 largest foundations in the U.S. and one of the largest private funders of environmental conservation and science in the world.

The Foundation is devoted to the inspirational vision articulated by our founders: “creating positive outcomes for future generations.” This vision guides our mission: to achieve significant, lasting, and measurable results in environmental conservation, science, and patient careglobally and in the San Francisco Bay Area. A set of core valuesimpact, integrity, disciplined approach, and collaborationdirects our work.

The Foundation carries out its work through the following frameworks:

Programs: The enduring management unit designed to achieve transformational change in a selected field of interest through a portfolio of integrated interventions (initiatives, commitments, grants, and other strategic actions).

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Program grants. The Foundation funds experimentation, focused innovation, and agile response to time-sensitive, high-impact opportunities in its areas of focus.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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  • Over $5 billion in assets
  • Annual Foundation budget of $250 million
  • 80 employees
  • Three program areas

Environmental Conservation
Patient Care

  • A San Francisco Bay Area Portfolio that focuses on these same issues locally

The Andes-Amazon Initiative

The Andes-Amazon Initiative’s goal is to conserve the Amazonian forests, which provide habitat for biodiversity and regulate the regional climate cycle. To achieve this goal, the Foundation supports work that addresses the following elements:

  • Resilient protected areas and protected area systems,
  • The transformation of frontier economies, and
  • Basin-wide enabling conditions for conservation.

The role of a healthy Amazonian forest is particularly significant for global climate change mitigation as well as regional hydrological function that support human livelihoods. During the last decade, the Foundation has invested over $200 million in a protected area approach to conserving forest cover and in associated supporting strategies. This approach has achieved the creation and improved management of approximately 150 million hectares, or around 29% of the original forest cover of the Amazon. We recognize that this approach is necessary but not sufficient to secure additional forest cover in the Amazon, and for this reason we are also working on addressing the drivers of deforestation to reduce external threats and to explore options for sustainable development across the Amazon basin.

The Initiative is currently active in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The initiative team also makes a small number of grants outside of these areas to support basin-wide research and new approaches that will benefit its target geographies.

For more information, about the Initiative, please see:

The Position

The Program Associate will provide programmatic and administrative support to the Andes-Amazon Initiative. The primary responsibility is to make sure that the administrative systems to manage grants and strategic program workflow are implemented efficiently by the AAI team through effective coordination. This position has a term limit of four years.

Key Responsibilities


  • Support the Program Director in the facilitation of the internal coordination of strategic planning and grant-making processes.
  • Provide general program support and assist the Program Director and Program Officers in proposal review and written narrative and financial reports during the grant development and management phase.
  • Be responsible for the Initiative’s knowledge management processes, including but not limited to tracking media and scientific journals, and storing and archiving relevant documentation.
  • Research, manage, and synthesize priority Initiative issues to meet program goals.
  • Apply program knowledge in responding to inquiries in a courteous and timely manner.
  • Exercise judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate course of action. Consult with Program Officers or Program Director on a majority of issues.
  • Work under moderate supervision and take initiative even when appropriate.
  • Communicate effectively to internal audiences regarding the Initiative’s advancements, in prior coordination with Program Director and Officers.


  • Understand and communicate internal policies and systems, and maintain consistency.
  • Facilitate team coordination, as needed, such as convening meetings, coordinating team schedules, conducting expenses for team meetings as needed, arrange travel as needed for team meetings and special invitees, preparation of summary documentations, and other administrative duties.
  • Manage the information on grant pipeline and program budget including following-up with Program Officers on related activities (such as payments and requirements) by employing project management tools.
  • Regularly perform analysis and tracking of program allocation, including monthly funding and grant-making projections, to support timely programmatic decisions.
  • Assist in grant process and document development in the form of formatting, updating of grant records, contract preparation and liaising with various support functions to track and monitor the grant origination process to completion.
    • Compile reports and presentations for the Board and other audiences to highlight and communicate major developments.

Experience and Education

The candidate will have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field and proven experience in administration and/or project management.
  • Two years’ relevant work experience in environmental conservation preferred.
  • Interest in Amazon basin-related social and environmental issues demonstrated through work, extracurricular or volunteer activities.
  • Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is a requisite.

Competencies and Attributes

The ideal candidate also will have:

  • Excellent project management and analytical skills.
  • Ability to proactively develop solutions to address problems at hand.
  • Willingness to ask for help and identify appropriate resources to accomplish tasks when necessary.
  • A strong team orientation, positive attitude, business acumen and good interpersonal skills.
  • Clear communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Proficiency with technical systems and programs (e.g., MS Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and database management).
  • The ability to self-manage priorities and goals for projects.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation includes a competitive base salary and an excellent package of health, retirement savings and other benefits.

How to apply

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume by email to:

Please include Andes-Amazon Initiative Program Associate in the subject line.

For more information, please visit

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. All correspondence will remain confidential.

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