Outreach Case Manager



Reports to:Welcome Center Program Manager


Hours:Flexible, generally Monday ; Friday, 8:00 ; 4:00 or a varied shift if outreach is to be provided in the evening; occasional evenings, weekends and holidays.

Summary:The Outreach Case Manager provides street-based and drop in based services to persons experiencing homelessness. It participates in the development of person-centered programming aimed at ensuring our participants’ basic needs are met, emergency services are accessed as needed, and engagement takes place to motivate participants to seek shelter and housing services. The position assists participants in accessing resources available in the District of Columbia’s continuum of care. The position works with the Welcome Center Program Manager and Welcome Center Director to maximize program outcomes and overall effectiveness with an emphasis on service-orientation and individualized approaches. It develops competent and ethical working relationships with other organizations, stakeholders and members of the D.C. Department of Human Services and Department of Behavioral Health as well as local businesses and other government entities. It assists the Welcome Center Program Manager and Welcome Center Director in ensuring compliance with contractual requirements including outcomes measurement, service documentation of at least 20 hours of outreach per week. The position also works closely with division staff to integrate program activities into the Friendship Place continuum of care. The Outreach Case Manager must demonstrate his or her ability to make sound and timely decisions related to client and program needs and work collaboratively with team members and stakeholders to ensure consistency and effectiveness.


•Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a human services related field.

•2 years of experience working with individuals with mental illnesses

•Experience in providing street outreach is a plus

•Self-motivatedand driven by the mission of ending homelessness

•Ability to implement person-centered programming.

•Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

•Ability to build rapport with diverse populations.


•Provide street-based services to persons living in homelessness.

•Provide outreach coverage in during various shifts, as required in the contract.

•Implement programming developed by the team by:

oEngaging participants, assessing safety, and activating emergency services as needed.

oProviding basic need items and assistance to maximize participants’well being.

oBuilding trusting relationships and rapport with participants.

oBased on observations, developing personalized approach to the service delivery for each participant.

oAssessing individual readiness to seek shelter or permanent supportive housing services and completing appropriate assessments including the Vulnerability Assessment, the SPDAT, and others.

oAssisting participants in accessing and linking to needed resources using alternative approaches to facilitate access to services.

oAssisting participants in moving into shelter and housing as soon as possible.

•Collaborate with other Friendship Place staff to facilitate participant utilization of other

Friendship Place services, as appropriate (case management, hospitality, medical and psychiatric clinic, shelter, housing).

•Participate in staff meetings and supervision meetings.

•Participate in trainings offered by Friendship Place and other agencies.

•Integrate volunteers into service delivery, as appropriate.

•Participate in the development of new programming in relation to desired outcomes with a focus on participant engagement and movement to shelter or housing.

•Connect, collaborate and build professional relationships with external agencies and attend community meetings as necessary or as required.

•Participate in compliance monitoring with federal and DC regulations governing the service delivery to persons experiencing homelessness (HSRA).

•Ensure participant confidentiality is protected in all facets of program operations.

•Complete HMIS documentation and tracking sheets for both outreach services and Welcome Center services every week (submit at staff meeting and at any other appointed time).

•Participate in annual Point-In-Time outreach count.

•Provide staff with summary of community meetings attended such as Community Rounds Meeting

•Update staff on hypothermia/hyperthermia plans or other outreach related items in a weekly staff email update.

Other duties as assigned including taking shifts as coverage for the Welcome Center drop in center.

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to Laura Woody at lwoody@friendshipplace.org.

Washington, District of Columbia
Laura Woody

4713 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20016, US