Organizational Administrator

Organizational Administrator
Overall management and supervision of all ongoing D Acres projects and organizational activities.
Willing to fill staff roles as necessary to insure maintenance of time commitments, budgeting and public interaction
with all D Acres activities.
This role requires an accomplished leader and administrator with a commitment to the principles of environmental
conservation and permaculture. The person must have good listening skills, be willing to accept new
challenges, actively pursue new ideas and innovation, and be comfortable in a team environment.
– Advise and work with the Board on development of mission, vision, strategy and tactics for achieving D
Acres objectives
– Employee motivation
– Ensure staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information
– Look for change opportunities, promote change as needed to achieve the D Acres mission
– Interface between organization and community
– Oversee day to day operation
– Manage human resources of organization
– Manage financial and physical resources
– Guide and mentor to the staff
– When requested attend Board meetings, provide reports on D Acres activities and participate in Board discussion
as needed
– Overall supervision and management
– Oversee Many Hands Program
– Email and other correspondence
– Mailing List Updates (Electronic and Postal)
– Inventory of items on sale (wood products, food, clothing, etc.)
– Annual Report preparation
– Monitor and maintain finances and annual budgeting
– Deal directly with Town of Dorchester, government agencies and the general public
– Files and maintains compliance with all tax and government regulations
Advertising and publicity
– Coordinate distribution of flyers
– Web site maintenance, Facebook updates, email shots.
– Announcements, press information, etc.
– Spokesperson for media
– Coordinate activities with other local non-profit groups
– Coordinate Annual Appeal
– Maintain contact with major donors
– Write grants requests and oversee implementation
To apply for this position contact D Acres ( with a letter of
interest, contact information, resume or CV if available
Please anticipate a confirmation within 5 days. If for some reason you do not get a response
contact us by telephone.

Dorchester, New Hampshire
D Acres of New Hampshire
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