Operations Manager, Southeast Region

The Trustees of Reservations seek to protect the special places of Massachusetts, steward the properties for which we are responsible, excite those who visit our properties, and grow the organization to fulfill our mission. The Trustees’ Southeast Region encompasses the South Shore, the South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands and includes some of the Trustees most compelling and challenging reservations.

The Operations Manager, as the most senior stewardship staff for the Region, assumes the essential responsibility of caring for our properties.

Essential Functions:
1. The Operations Manager (OM) provides strategic leadership within the Southeast Region as part of the region’s management team and is a member of a statewide team of Operations Managers.
2. The OM ensures that our properties, structures, and resources demonstrate sustainable practices/principles and are cared for in accordance with our mission and standards.
3. The OM ensures that our staff and other resources are allocated within the Region in a manner that supports our strategic objectives.
4. The OM provides leadership and guidance to the Region’s four superintendents, management unit staff, volunteers, as well as part-time and seasonal staff.
5. The OM assists the RD in developing and overseeing the region’s operating budget.
Specific Responsibilities:
1. Serve on the regional management team and contribute to strategic priority setting and the ongoing review of strategic opportunities, their implementation, and evaluation.
2. Supervise, motivate, and professionally develop the four superintendents who report directly to the OM. Develop, monitor, and amend, as necessary, work plans for the Superintendents and their management units, ensuring the region’s strategic priorities are being supported by these plans. Also, support the Superintendents’ management of their supervisees (paid and volunteer) and work with Superintendents to build regional stewardship capacity through a robust and creative volunteer program as well as productive partnerships.
3. Ensure that the region’s property staff share the vision, ownership, and commitment to implement The Trustees’ strategic goals, including our priorities regarding sustainability, volunteerism, inclusion & diversity, and engagement.
4. With guidance from the Regional Director (RD), work with the Superintendents to develop an annual operating budget for the property management needs of the region. Also, participate in capital equipment and project budgeting.
5. Review the monthly financial statements and alert the RD of any significant anomalies or discrepancies.
6. Working with the Director of Structural Resources, as appropriate, to oversee significant capital projects in the region.
7. Provide leadership and guidance to the region’s property staff in the area of enterprise development and management.
8. Work closely with the other members of the region’s management team to ensure that their needs are being adequately supported by our property and resource care and that the property staff’s work is likewise supported.
9. Work with the organization’s resource specialists and other OMs to develop property management policies and strategies. Ensure that consistent policy and protocol adoption and implementation is carried out across the region.
10. Serve as the regional safety officer, which involves establishing a comprehensive approach to visitor safety and ensuring that regional staff and volunteers receive appropriate safety training on a regular basis.
11. Develop and sustain productive relationships with our supporters, neighbors, visitors, partners, and allies.
12. Assist and guide the superintendents in resolving visitor and property-based conflicts and other issues.
13. Work with Superintendents to support the organization’s conservation restriction monitoring needs as well as other tasks focused on maintaining the organization’s LTA accreditation status such as the completion of annual property surveys.
14. Perform, direct or report on projects and assignments as requested.

The Operations Manager reports to the Southeast Regional Director and is based out of The Westport Office.

Westport, Massachusetts
The Trustees of Reservations
Kim Heard