NH Agriculture in the Classroom State Coordinator

Mission of NH Agriculture in the Classroom (NHAITC):

Our mission is to use agriculture as a vehicle to teach science in order to increase awareness and

knowledge in youth of farming practices, to foster their appreciation for our agrarian heritage

and rural life style and to encourage them to be responsible stewards of our land.

Objective: To coordinate efforts to fulfill the mission of NHAITC.

A. Responsibilities:

1. Curriculum Development and Outreach

ï‚· Responsible for ensuring that all educational units address state standards

-Strive to structure units with interdisciplinary approaches

ï‚· Responsible for ensuring that all educational materials are updated with current


ï‚· Coordinate the development or acquisition of new educational units and material

-update list of all curriculum quarterly

ï‚· Event Planning and Coordination

-develop and create displays

-coordinate volunteers

-serve as contact person for venue

-seek new opportunities

-maintain a list of standard operating procedures for annual events

ï‚· Facilitate classroom presentations

-coordinate and train volunteers

ï‚· Be available for teacher training

2. Communications

ï‚· Act as primary contact for NHAITC

-Respond to calls and voicemails received at Farm Bureau office

-Respond to office emails and website contact

-Maintain regular office hours at the NH Farm Bureau office, Concord, as determined

with Board of Directors

ï‚· Develop promotional materials

-promote the program, events, services, and available resources

– develop brochures

-contact media with press releases

ï‚· Maintain office in an organized manner so that others can find educational units, event

planning information, teacher evaluations, etc. when necessary

ï‚· Maintain databases

ï‚· Maintain website and social media with timely updates of current events and topics

ï‚· Editor of regular newsletter

-automatically emailed to database using Constant Contact program

ï‚· Provide written reports

-Write a monthly report to the board briefly summarizing work done each month and

present new or updated educational units each month for the board to review

-Report to National AITC as needed

ï‚· Act as a promotional ambassador

-Develop partnerships and collaborate with other agricultural organizations, schools, etc.

-network with and attend annual meetings and conferences of other agricultural

organizations as appropriate

ï‚· Act as liaison for national program

3. Fundraising Coordination

ï‚· Assist in procuring funding through grant writing, assisting board members with

fundraising activities, annual appeal, and soliciting sponsorships

B. Administrative Details:

ï‚· Job performance will be evaluated by the executive committee of the board after the first

six months on the job and then annually

ï‚· Tasks will be set by plan a of work prioritizing goals, set by the executive committee of

the board in conjunction with the NHAITC State Coordinator

ï‚· This is a part time position (not to exceed 20 hours per week on average), with statewide

responsibilities. Based in Concord, NH

C. Necessary Skills, Knowledge, and Experience

ï‚· Knowledge of agriculture

ï‚· Communication skills, both verbal and written

ï‚· Organization skills

ï‚· Experience writing grants

ï‚· Experience in education

ï‚· Good people skills

ï‚· Self-motivated and self-directed

ï‚· Willing to work with volunteers

ï‚· Willing to work under the direction of a board of directors

ï‚· Computer knowledge – Windows environment with experience in Microsoft Office Suite.

To apply: Send letter of interest and resume by November 12, 2013 to nhagriculture@agr.nh.gov

Concord, New Hampshire
NH Agriculture