NGO Program Manager

BECA seeks a qualified Program Manager for the 2014-2015 school year in Honduras. Fluency in both English and Spanish is required.

The Organization:

Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA) was founded in 2001 to provide high quality education to low-income communities throughout Honduras. We typically recruit recent US college graduates (ages vary from 21 to 30) who are service-minded, enjoy working in team environments, and are curious about cultural exchange. Those teachers undergo an intensive 6-week teacher training in Honduras in July and August before being matched to one of our partner schools. Currently, we operate in conjunction with three K-through-9 schools just outside of the San Pedro Sula area, and as a requirement, each school has significant parent ownership and deep community involvement. Our model is built on partnership between Hondurans committed to high quality, progressive education and foreigners interested in a truly authentic cultural immersion.



Information Management: The Program Manager facilitates the daily interactions of the BECA team. He or she manages the team budget and pays all bills related to room, board, visa renewals, as well as other program costs. He or she is also responsible for tracking important pedagogical and administrative information in a manner that will allow subsequent year’s teams to transition into their positions without difficulty.

Local Liaison: The Program Manager serves as liaison between BECA and the local communities where we operate.

Scholarship Program Administration: The Program Manager directs the Scholarship Program at SJBS. This individual is responsible for promoting the scholarship program and will review applications and interview potential/current scholarship families in March/April to fill new spaces/assess current recipient’s need prior to the next school year. Based on these interviews the Program Manager will make recommendations regarding which children should receive the available scholarships. He or she seeks to empower scholarship students’ families to actively participate in the school by facilitating their involvement. In addition, the administrator monitors the behavior and academic performance of children receiving financial assistance in order to ensure they remain eligible.


Daily School Involvement: The Program Manager works in collaboration with each schools’ Director and Secretary to maintain effective discipline strategies at the school, but is not directly involved with the school’s administration or financial management.

BECA Volunteer Support: The Program Manager serves as a support figure for BECA’s volunteer teaching team. This individual checks in with teachers regularly to provide moral and psychological support both inside the classroom and out. The Manager/Administrator works with our teachers to ensure that lesson plans are in line with BECA’s curriculum and Honduran educational standards, and serves as a substitute teacher in instances of illness.

Development Support: The Program Manager works with BECA’s In-Country Director to support overall program development. He or she will reach out to potential donors with board members’ guidance, research grant opportunities, and assist with grant applications/reporting. He or she will submit brief monthly reports that highlight school and community activities to assist the board in tracking BECA’s growth and progress and will provide information for newsletters targeted to donors and friends.

Living Stipend and Expenses: BECA is committed to a diverse team of teachers regardless of economic background, which is why we cover room and board for all of our volunteers. The Program Manager also receives an additional monthly cash stipend as compensation. Any expenses you will incur include travel to/from Honduras and money for personal travel/amenities. Additionally, we strongly encourage that volunteers purchase their own health insurance as BECA does not provide any coverage. Many of our “recent college graduate” volunteers have been lucky enough to remain covered by their parents’ insurance for their year with us. For those who do not fall in this category, we can suggest several low-cost insurance providers our volunteers have relied on in the past. Please note that many of our volunteers have offset their out of pocket expenses by teaching English to adults in the evenings. Finally, if student loans are a concern, many of our volunteers have successfully deferred payment for a year with our assistance.

Health & Safety: Living abroad, particularly in a developing country, presents a number of risks that you may not face at home. We are committed to the health and safety of our volunteers in order to mitigate those risks to the extent possible through the implementation of thoughtful policies and procedures. Our interview process gives candidates a better sense of the risks associated with living and working in Honduras, and the precautions that we take as an organization to minimize those risks.


How to apply

For more information or to start the application process, please visit our website:

During the application process, we consider previous teaching experience, Spanish fluency, previous management experience and previous travel experience in Latin America. However, not all successful BECA volunteers come in with these experiences. We seek individuals who, above all else, exhibit a strong commitment to their own service learning and have the desire to learn, grow and immerse themselves in community life.

If interested in this opportunity, you should apply immediately as the application process is rolling.

Cofradía, Cortés, Honduras,
Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA)