New Business Models Senior Strategist

Senior Strategist, New Business Models

Time and again,[[|]] has changed the face of American politics. We started as one simple online petition in 1998. Since then, we’ve grown to become the largest independent online political group in America, with over 8 million members–and a powerful progressive voice in American politics.

That growth was no accident. We never could have grown so big–or had such an outsize impact–without constant innovation, and we’re not stopping now. That’s why MoveOn created a brand new team charged with finding innovative new ways to fund MoveOn’s work and power our members’ campaigns.

Executive Summary

Our New Business Models Senior Strategist is part of a new, small team of empowered people working together to develop new ways to grow MoveOn and the progressive movement.

You’ll play a key role in plotting our team’s overall strategy. Together, we’ll figure out new ways to fund MoveOn–by doing everything from connecting our members with goods and services that are in line with their progressive values, to finding ways to fundraise through our website and petition platform, to innovating new ways to fund our member-led campaigns.

In this job, you’ll have the resources to achieve breakthrough innovations, working hand in hand with an all-star team of programmers, media professionals, analytics experts, and online organizers from across our organization.

What would I do in this job, day-to-day?

We’ve generated an exciting list of potential ideas to explore–from partnerships with clean energy companies and progressive banks to piloting a scalable member-to-member fundraising platform.

We need you to assess the most promising ideas that are in line with our members’ progressive values–and unearth ones we haven’t identified yet. Then, you’ll design and execute test projects and implement the things that work best.

Who’s the best fit for this job?

If you have a track record of running something innovative, especially in an online environment; a head for evaluating prospective business models; and a passion for bringing new resources into the progressive movement, then this is a dream job.

Requirements:This is a highly responsible and entrepreneurial position. The expectations are high, and there is no one professional background that guarantees success in this role.

For example, successful applicants might be an online organizer at a progressive non-profit organization; be a recent MBA graduate with a strong passion for progressive politics; or, be an innovator who’s played a key role in building a socially-responsible business.

However, there are some skills you must haveto be successful in this role:

  • Crystal clear communication skills: Whether you’re writing memos for internal audiences, emailing 8 million progressive activists about a new initiative or opportunity, or writing a fundraising email, you can communicate clearly and persuasively.
  • Business chops: You can look at a prospective project or a business plan and evaluate its likely scale for fundraising or revenue, versus the likely costs of running it.
  • Innovative thinking: You think strategically about opportunities, challenges, and context that’ll affect the success of a project.
  • Record of success: You aren’t just an idea person. You should have a proven track record of managing and rolling out new, successful programs or initiatives from start to finish.
  • Work ethic: You are ready to pick up the phone, dig into the numbers, spend hours drafting and redrafting an email, etc. You’re ready to not just write proposals, but see ideas through to execution.
  • Analytic sensibility: You might not have a degree in advanced analytics, but you can quickly learn how to use basic analytic tools and crunch numbers so you can have informed conversations about how to set up and interpret test results.
  • Nimbleness: You can change directions quickly and frequently–“build it, test it, iterate quickly.”

We’ve also identified four areasroughly grouped into Strategy, Project Management, Innovation, and Technologythat will help you excel in this role. Our strongest candidates will be skilled in all four of these areas. However, we encourage candidates who have exceptional skills in two or three areas–and the willingness and aptitude to learn the other areas quickly–to apply.Strategy:

  • Creativity: You are brimming with ideas on how organizations like MoveOn could engage our members and the broader public.
  • Negotiation savvy: You’re a smart negotiator, who can be responsible for maintaining relationships with outside companies, vendors, and consultants, and negotiate good deals for MoveOn.

Project Management:

  • “Zoom factor”: When thinking about a project, you can see the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty details.
  • Drive: You’re able to push a complex project forward effectively, through many stages of discussion, information-gathering, and assessment, without letting it stall out (unless there’s a clear decision to stop).


  • Prioritization: When presented with a list of new ideas, or multiple approaches to solve a problem, you don’t get overwhelmed. You’re able to spot “best bets,” get input when needed, and weigh costs and benefits of different approaches quickly, and go.
  • Comfort with big scale: You have experience with, and an aptitude for, thinking about how to engage millions of people using online tools.


  • Adept at figuring out creative ways of leveraging technology to make good things happen, and skilled at testing new uses of technology.
  • Experience with HTML, and ideally with CSS, SQL, Perl, or similar technologies.
  • Experience managing tech projects, including scoping and spec’ing out web tools, is a plus.

What’s the work environment at MoveOn like?

Since MoveOn’s very first hire, we’ve been a virtual office, which means you can live anywhere in America and work for us. Most of our work is done over conference calls, IM, and email.

To thrive here, you should like teamwork but be able to drive forward big projects on your own under relentless deadlines. And you should be low-ego, high-output, hard-working, and nimble–like the rest of our team.

What’s the compensation and structure of this role?

This position could be structured as a temporary or regular full-time employee position. Salary is highly competitive and benefits include health and dental insurance and four weeks vacation.

How to apply

To Apply: Go to to submit your application, resume and a cover letter that explains why you are a good fit for the New Business Models Senior Strategist position.

Deadline: Applications will accepted through February 21, then on a rolling basis. Civic Action and[[|]] Political Action provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

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