Middle School Teacher--Multiple Subjects

Position Summary

Teachers must have a strong belief and commitment to the Crown Preparatory Academy mission and vision. Teachers will implement the Crown Preparatory curriculum and assessment programs and work to ensure students have mastered the content using a warm and demanding approach to classroom instruction and management. Teachers will report directly to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI).


Teaching and Learning

·Teach at least six courses every day

·Teach at least two small group targeted tutoring sessions a week

·Teach an advisory every day

·As appropriate, differentiate curriculum to meet the needs of all students

·Document all lesson plans, syllabi, assignments, etc.

·Use a variety of methods to engage students in the curriculum

·Provide structure in the classroom by following and implementing all school-wide systems and structures to fidelity

·Communicate effectively, respectfully, and consistently with parents

·Communicate on a bi-weekly basis with all advisory families

·Develop and sustain strong relationships with parents

·Present weekly lesson plans to DCI

·Create, monitor, and sustain a school culture of high-expectations


·Evaluate academic achievement through detailed data-analysis of student performance on a variety of metrics and present to the DCI and Executive Director

·Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director

Qualifications and Experience

·Bachelors Degree Required (Advanced Degree Preferred)

·Ability to work effectively and productively in teams or individually

·2+ years of teaching experience preferred

·Ability to work with all students, including those with special needs and low skill levels when heterogeneously grouped

·Proficiency in Spanish preferred

·Basic Technological experience

·Ability to analyze student achievement data and instruct appropriately

·Fulfillment of all criteria set forth to be considered Highly Qualified under NCLB

·Appropriate California Teaching Credential

·Desire to be held accountable for student achievement and academic growth

Demonstrated Competencies

Accountability and Data Driven.Proven record of achievement as evidenced by student work, learning, and data.

Stamina.Ability to handle the intensity required to work in a high-performing charter school, and remain organized, punctual, and reliable under pressure.

Management.Ability to manage the behavior in a classroom of 25+ scholars.

Self-Reflection. Ability to accept and implement feedback received for real-time improvement.

Preparation. Ability to study curriculum and do the intellectual work needed to deliver instruction at a high level.

Intellectual Curiosity. A constant thirst for discovery, both pushing for the deeper meaning and making real-world connections. Sharing and igniting an intellectual spark with scholars.

How to apply

All interested candidates should apply online at at EdJoin. For more information about Crown Prep, please visit our website at www.crownprep.org.

Los Angeles, California
Crown Prep

2055 W 24th, Los Angeles, CA, 90018, US