Hi! My name is Shandy Hernandez and I am HR Supervisor for Minerva School. Minerva School is a small bilingual (Spanish-English) school located in the center of the historical city of Gracias Lempira in Honduras, with approxiamtely 380 students from Gracias and its surroundings.

Our education at Minerva stands under three basic principles: • 100% bilingual education • Civic-cultural values • Christian formation

We have positions available for Middle School and HighSchool Grammar and History Teachers for the 2013-2014 academic school year. A bachelors degree is required, and a teaching certification is preferred, however knowledge in the areas described above is necessary. Teaching experience is a plus. Teachers should also be a good role model for the students. Spanish is not necessary, and from others’ previous experiences, you can even end up learning it by interacting with the children and the community.

Teachers earn a monthly Honduran professor salary. Living accommodations are provided by the school.

This can be a very interesting experience for you! You are going to enjoy teaching the honduran students and you surely will love the uniqueness, historical background, and closeness to nature that Gracias, Lempira possesses.

How to apply

Please send your resume and request an application to the following email address: minervaschool@hotmail.com

Gracias, Departamento de Lempira, Honduras,
Minerva Bilingual School