Middle School ELA Teacher (Grades 5-7)

Position Description

At Ascend, talented teachersdeeply committed to changing the lives of their studentswill fuel exceptional academic outcomes. The teacher shall be responsible for the academic education of his or her students. In cases where students’ environments or personal circumstances threaten their achievement, the teacher will strive relentlessly to change the trajectory of those students’ lives and to close the achievement gap. We are now hiring for immediate placements across our campuses.


The teacher is responsible for:

Teaching. The teacher plans and delivers vibrant, engaging, and creative lessons. This is not a scripted program. The teacher shall develop a measureable goal for each lesson, “the point” and will use the teach-practice-check model of instruction to ensure mastery. The teacher will use the school’s periodic, end-of-term, and end-of-year assessments to ensure that students over time maintain mastery of the content taught.

Culture and Classroom Management. The teacher reinforces and maintains the school’s culture of high academic and behavioral expectations by making use of the behavior systems and cultural tools of Ascend Learning; applies school and classroom rules consistently and effectively; makes use of preventive discipline; communicates expectations to students clearly; and supervises students within the school setting and school grounds.

Teamwork and Professional Relations. The teacher ensures accurate and timely reporting to the dean of instruction, including information on students’ performance and challenges and recommendations for action; participates actively in grade-level meetings and school-planned professional development, and engages in a school-wide practice of continuous self-improvement and a relentless drive for improvement of school practices; maintains respectful and positive relations with colleagues, administrators, and staff; inspires trust and respect; maintains a positive attitude at all times; adheres to school policies and practices; meets attendance and punctuality guidelines, and demonstrates a total commitment to the organization and to excellence.

Accountability. The teacher accepts ultimate responsibility for the academic progress of his or her students, actively develops solutions to problems, meets commitments, requires minimal supervision and direction, and communicates effectively and regularly with the dean of instruction and the dean of students.

Special Needs Students and ELL. The teacher works collaboratively with the school’s special education and ELL staff to implement the school’s special education and ELL programs and to comply with all state and federal regulations.

Staff and Reporting Relationships

The teacher reports to the school director. He or she also accepts direction from, and works closely with, the dean of instruction and the dean of students.


Candidates must have:

– A bachelor’s degree in the subject area to be taught, preferably from a selective college or university

– High GPA in an academic major

– At least two years of urban teaching experience

-A master’s degree and certification in the subject area to be taught are preferred.


The teacher must:

– Demonstrate an unwavering belief that all students can achieve at high levels

– Manifest a total commitment to do whatever it takes to prepare all of the school’s students for college

– Demonstrate a record of producing dramatic student achievement gains as a teacher in a tightly disciplined setting

– Be passionate about urban education and closing the achievement gap

– Be committed to education standards, statewide testing, and accountability

– Believe in a structured, predictable environment for children, and a No Excuses classroom

– Be willing to be the authority in the classroom and to set the rules

– Be prepared to invest in building relationships with students

– Value being effective over being creative

– Have a “can do” attitude and be a team player, relentless in the pursuit of the school’s academic objectives; be hard-working and willing to take feedback and engage in a process of self-improvement

How to apply

Qualified candidates please apply at www.ascendlearning.org/careers.

Brooklyn, New York
Ascend Learning

205 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, 11212, United States