Middle School Director of Curriculum and Instruction / Principal

Invictus Prep is a college prep middle school in Brooklyn, NY with a single goal: college success for all students. Our teachers are driven by student learning and academic results, and work relentlessly towards our college prep goal.

While similar in structure to many other No Excuses charter schools, Invictus Prep differentiates itself through its staffing structure and class size. At Invictus Prep:

  • ALL ELA and Math classes are taught by two teachers: We place two full-time teachers in our core academic classes to ensure individualization and student support.
  • Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 24 students: By keeping our classes small, we are able to increase the amount of individual support we can provide to every single one of our scholars. We aim to maximize academic growth by creating a small, supportive, and highly focused learning environment.

This one-two combination is part of our effort to create an academic environment similar to that of many New York City private schools.

The Middle School DCI/ Principal provides professional leadership in organizing, administering, supervising, and evaluating a rigorous and creative school curriculum with programs that support the short and long term goals and vision of the Executive Director.

The DCI/ Principal directs, manages, and monitors the Content Area Coaches (CAC) and works closely with the ED to coordinate and align all instructional and academic programs, and initiatives.


The principal’s prime responsibility is the improvement of curriculum and instruction which includes the following responsibilities:

  • Works with staff to implement a coherent and rigorous curriculum aligned with state and national standards
  • Promotes use of consistent instructional framework and research-based strategies that are data-driven
  • Builds capacity in the Content Area Coaches to guide teacher in creating lesson plans and units and assessment systems that are aligned with curriculum and instruction priorities
  • Ensures that human, financial, and material resources are aligned to support coherence and alignment by working with the Executive Director within budgetary guidelines
  • Designs, implements, and evaluates school staff development with CAC and with the approval of the ED
  • Trains and monitors CAC by modeling successful practices and strategies for developing and coaching new teachers
  • Plans and leads intensive summer professional development to prepare instructional staff to lead classroom instruction at a high level
  • Helps staff secure, analyze, and interpret data for promoting instructional improvement
  • Supports the ED and CAC in using data at the school level to determine and implement intervention strategies and to develop the appropriate courses of action to meet the needs for academic success for all students
  • Serves as liaison with the Assessment and Evaluation vendors (Anet, Terranova) and the school in securing relevant data
  • Models instructional strategies with teachers and CAC in classrooms
  • Makes regular scheduled and unscheduled classroom observations to support instructional improvement by providing feedback to teachers and CAC regarding implementation issues
  • Continuously and rigorously develops the CAC in best practices for working with teachers to improve their instructional delivery, classroom management, assessments, data-driven decisions, and strategies for meeting the learning needs of all students.
  • Coordinates with other departments, offices, and organizations to best serve the needs of all scholars, and provides customized professional development with the CAC for teachers to meet unique scholar needs and support differentiated instruction
  • Participates in regular professional development for skills improvement
  • Serves as a liaison with colleges, universities, and educational partners to build capacity of staff
  • Communicates effectively the ED’s goals and vision to the CAC and teachers
  • Serves as an instructional leader by ensuring that the philosophies of No Excuses and Doing Whatever it Takes are strictly enforced as non-negotiables by all teachers as a focus in ensuring student success
  • Utilizes and promotes technology at all levels
  • Leads the improvement of scholar achievement by utilizing the Common Core Standards which include:

Providing quality ongoing instruction for all staff members relating to the components of the Common Core Standards Training and monitoring CAC in the review of lesson plans to ensure that they reflect the pacing calendar Regularly observing teachers and providing specific oral and written feedback about their performance the address areas for continuous improvement

  • Promotes a positive tone for collaborative school/ community relations by articulating the mission, seeking community support, and fostering rapport while demonstrating an awareness of cultural activities:
    • Works with parents to resolve issues quickly
    • Articulates the school mission to the community and solicits its support in making that mission become a reality
    • Identifies community needs which affect the education of children
    • Promotes an environment that encourages volunteer involvement
    • Promotes an environment that encourages community involvement in the school
  • Provides leadership in professional growth through active participation, professional conduct and dissemination of ideas that foster mutual respect between the school and the larger community:
    • Provides clear, accurate feedback to staff on professional development needs to improve instruction
    • Improves leadership skills through professional development activities and disseminates that knowledge to other professionals
    • Coaches staff for improved performance
    • Develops targeted staff for advancement with the approval of the ED
  • Promotes an environment where the school is continuously improving on the items defined in the Accountability Plan:
    • Clearly communicates performance expectations to staff for improving the results on the Accountability Plan
    • Develops action plans to improve the results on the Accountability Plan
    • Engages and develops staff in the individual staff member’s responsibility for improving performance indicators on the Accountability Plan
    • Partners with other schools to share and learn initiatives that are being used to improve the performance indicators on the Accountability Plan


  • Drive to improve the minds and lives of scholars in and out of the classroom;
  • Proven track record of high achievement in the classroom;
  • Mastery of and enthusiasm for academic subjects;
  • Evidence of self-motivation and willingness to be a team player
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is preferred; and
  • Minimum of four years teaching experience in an urban public school or charter school setting preferred, but not required

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

How to apply

Please answer the following short essay questions and send your responses, along with your resume to:


1. Why do you want to work in an urban charter middle school?

2. How should you be evaluated as a DCI/ principal?

3. What’s your opinion of standardized testing?

4. Would you describe yourself as a warm or strict leader?

Brooklyn, New York
Invictus Prep

370 Fountain Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11208, US