Membership & Outreach Co-Coordinator

This is part-time position for a minimum of 10 hours per week; additional hours are by agreement with the current Membership & Outreach Co-Coordinator.

Pay is $10.00/ hour. No overtime is paid. Annual leave and unpaid sick days are provided. No other benefits are offered at this time.

General Description: The Membership and Outreach Coordinator will work with the other Membership & Outreach Coordinator and the Coordinator Team to manage the overall running of Brattleboro Time Trade operations, in accordance with the Mission Statement of BTT, to support the goals and strategic plans adopted by the membership and developed by the Board of Directors.

Shared responsibilities include:

      Strategic Planning and Goals:

            Provide support, information and operational coordination to the Board as it develops

      and implements BTT’s strategic plan and long-term goals.


·    Schedule and supervise BTT members staffing the office, meeting as needed.

·    Organize and assign tasks to office staff.

·    Prioritize office functions, delegate e-mail and phone responses as appropriate.

·     Coordinate and oversee member work committees / action teams.

Membership Support:

·    Read and respond to e-mails and phone calls as they arise.

·    Add announcements to website homepage.

·    Monitor dues notices, maintain records of dues paid and owed.

·    Monitor exchanges, requests and offers.

·    Write News from Your Coordinators and other news and information for bi-weekly, internet-published newsletter and immediate emails for members. Edit and post bi-weekly newsletter.

·    Work with tech support for Internet and website posting.

·    Help members troubleshoot difficulties regarding exchanges.


New Member & Public Outreach:

·    Schedule orientations for new members and provide necessary follow up.

·    Oversee the scheduling of members to represent BTT in public venues, (e.g. table at the Farmers’ Market and at Gallery Walk).

·    Coordinate activities to inform the public about BTT and time banking via newspaper articles, radio and BCTV spots.

·    Plan, organize and implement other outreach efforts in agreement with the Coordinator Team.

Coordinator Team Participation:

·    Meet bi-monthly with the Coordinator Team.

·    Make decisions with the Coordinator Team which affect the daily operation of the Time Trade.

·     Provide and seek support from the Coordinator Team as needed.

Board Interaction:

·    Keep BTT Board apprised of information and developments that impact Board duties, via e-mail, phone calls, board meetings.

·    Prepare and present coordinator’s report at the monthly Board meeting in conjunction with the Coordinator Team.

·    Assist with Board projects and fundraising.

·     Attend full Board meetings on a rotating basis, representing the Coordinator Team.

Office and Clerical:

·    Delegate /do all filing.

·    Collect and safeguard any monies collected at the office.

·    Maintain basic office supplies as necessary for routine operations.

·    Inform Treasurer of collected dues, donations or other funds for deposit. (Treasurer will handle and record all deposits and Quick Book entries).

·    Oversee recording of hours worked by office staff members.

·     Write checks for expenses related to office operation, fundraising, and coordinator weekly pay, as worked out with the Treasurer.

Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro Time Trade

15 Grove Street, Suite 5, Brattleboro, VT 05301