Manager, Sustainability Education Programs

Application Deadline: Friday, April 11, 2014


Job Number: N004






Summary of the Position:                                          


Do you love helping others learn to live more sustainably while also being an excellent manager of people, programs and finances?  Do you like (and are good at) managing, developing AND delivering sustainability-based environmental education?  Do you believe as our world class institution understands that each person’s decisions ; even on light bulbs, landscaping and construction choices ; impacts plant conservation and ecosystem restoration? If you see these connections as well and want to be a part of helping others see the same, please consider this opportunity!


You’ll be responsible for managing the planning, preparation and delivery of all sustainability education programs and projects at MBG’s EarthWays Center including: staff and volunteer recruitment and supervision; administering, developing and delivering new and existing materials, projects and partnerships; grant writing, proposing and managing budgets; complying with all program and funding requirements; and ensuring professional, current and effective environmental education methods are in place to keep MBG as a leader in sustainability education in the region.


We use mainstream, not extreme, methods primarily working in the community to engage the k-12, university, families and other audiences in the topics of energy efficiency, renewable energy, solid waste reduction, rainscaping, green building and air quality.


Sustainability is not just something done on the coasts or abroad ; it’s thriving in the Midwest!  If you have the right degree/s with five years of experience in the field of environmental education, three of those years in supervision, you have proven administrative, grant writing and fiscal management experience, you’re incredibly organized, and you’re an excellent environmental educator that loves what you do, then this may be the job for you. Consider joining our team and share your enthusiasm and understanding for sustainability!




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