Kindergarten Elementary Teacher - Leave Replacement


The Ethical Community Charter School fills the community’s need and desire for an alternative approach and philosophy enhancing the education of its students. Impressions are constantly changed and formed by every contact parents have with the School and its employees. Every time parents hear or see anything having to do with The Ethical Community Charter School, it strengthens or changes their perception of the School.

When parents send their children to The Ethical Community Charter School, they have great expectations and a very positive impression of the School and its mission. It is up to each of the School’s employees to fulfill these expectations and build a lasting positive impression. All employees must consider the quality and professionalism of everything they do and say. The Ethical Community Charter School’s reputation and commitment are the School’s future.


Lead Teacher

The Lead Teacher is responsible for the safety, education and well-being of a class of approximately 24 students. He or she believes that each child possesses various strengths and will succeed in school, and commits to ensuring each child reaches this goal. The Lead Teacher works with children in a culture of rigorous academics and mutual respect with the twin goals of thinking critically and creativity. He or she plans, executes, assesses and evaluates lessons and units of study. Using data to inform rigorous differentiation and purposeful planning is an essential component of empowering our community of learners. The Lead Teacher creates a classroom atmosphere that reflects the values of The Ethical Community Charter School. He or she works closely with the Principal, Assistant Principal, instructional coaches, and with other teachers in order to fully support the growth and development of the students in his or her class. The Lead Teacher also contributes to the valuable growth of our school as a whole and the well-being of all students. The Lead Teacher reports to and is evaluated annually by the Principal on the basis of this position description and further objectives established on a yearly basis.


1. B.A. in Elementary Education or subject area

2. M.A. or M.S. in relevant content area

3. Two years appropriate teaching experience

4. NYS Teacher Certification or reciprocity from another state

5. Computer literacy

6. Fluent in Spanish (preferred)


ProvidesStudentswith Positiveand AppropriateLearningExperiences

1. Develops, plans and delivers developmentally appropriate and innovative grade level curriculum in literacy, math, social studies, and ethics

2. Carefully and purposefully plans lessons considering the children present in her or his classroom as well as grade-level learning objectives aligned with Common Core State Standards to support learning and growth

3. Maintains a personal vision of committed, confident learning and uses that vision to guide learning goals, expectations, and standards for student work

4. Implements the TECCS curriculum in differentiated modes to attend to students’ various learning styles, knowledge of English and different academic levels

5. Utilizes community resources

6. Provides students with an emotionally safe and joyful learning environment

7. Demonstrates a variety of strategies for maintaining student motivation and interest

8. Designs, distributes and keeps up-to-date records of student progress

9. Arranges and establishes classroom management routines in a way conducive to student learning

10. Displays student work to promote a purposeful learning environment and celebrate progress

11. Meets TECCS’ performance-based assessment of individual students related to three sets of learning objectives, which include:

a. School-wide learning objectives and outcomes;

b. Grade level learning objectives and outcomes;

c. Knowledge and skills-based learning objectives and outcomes tied to Units of


12. Works closely with Special Education staff as needed

13. Works closely with ELL teacher as needed

14. Establishes positive working relationships with all members of the community

15. Promotes positive interactions among students from different cultural, linguistic and national backgrounds

16. Fosters a sense of identity and pride in the school among students, parents and colleagues

17. Maintains positive personal relationships with students from his or her classroom and across the school


1. Researches and innovates best practices and content for learning units across disciplines to strengthen TECCS’s curriculum

2. Takes the initiative to consistently design rigorous and purposeful learning experiences for all children in her or his classroom

3. Plans daily differentiated lesson plans, unit plans in cooperation with grade-level colleagues and yearly curriculum maps based on TECCS’s philosophy

4. Integrates subject areas by developing units of study that focus on a unifying set of essential questions and enduring understandings that provide coherency to the educational experience

5. Uses an inquiry approach, asks tiered open-ended questions and expects a diversity of

answers; connects concepts, knowledge and skills to the experiences and cultures of the students

6. Evaluates lessons and units with the teaching team and revises the plan or instructional strategies in order to meet students’ needs


1. Engages in focused, detailed evaluation of daily student work and behaviors

2. Keeps records of the above

3. Meets with each child individually at least once per week

4. Utilizes various means of student assessment including, exclusive tasks (e.g., quizzes, tests, listening exercises, some home enrichment activities); inclusive tasks (e.g., drafts and revisions of a piece of writing, science experiments, research projects); and portfolios (i.e., a reflective collection of completed and in-process work that illustrates the improvements made and levels of achievement the student has reached over time).

5. Uses assessment information to plan responsively and improve teaching and learning

6. Thoughtfully prepares documentation of student interventions and progress to the RTI

team as well as the CST in a timely manner

7. Takes primary responsibility for an Individual Learning Goals Plan (ILPG) for each student in the classroom to purposefully integrate learning strengths and areas of growth in all lessons and units

Collaboration with Families

1. Communicates regularly with parents/guardians regarding students’ successes and areas of development through:

a. Yearly home visits

b. Regularly scheduled conferences

c. Face-to-face or phone meetings as needed

d. Written reports of student progress three times each academic year e. Classroom Newsletters

f. Participates in Family-School events as required by the Principal

2. Provides volunteer opportunities for parents

Professionaland ProgramDevelopment

1. Maintains an open attitude toward new ideas and appreciates the points of view of others whose experiences, opinions and beliefs may differ from his or her own

2. Continues to acquire new learning and uses that new learning in professional practice

3. Shares professional knowledge and skills with colleagues through high levels of collaboration and communication

4. Understands and applies TECCS’s policies, rules and regulations with good judgment in a variety of situations

5. Establishes and maintains cooperative, positive relationships with those involved in the

course of work;

6. Attends meetings, including:

a. Monthly one-on-one meetings between the principal and teacher

b. Monthly reflection meetings, in which teachers and staff reflect on the overall climate of the school and what can be done to maintain or improve it

c. Weekly team meetings among teachers of the same grade level to prepare lesson plans and discuss student progress.

d. Weekly faculty meetings

e. Regularly scheduled workshops

7. Carries out other duties as assigned by the Principal

All TECCS employees:

1. Agree to the mission and goals of TECCS and strive to realize them in their daily actions;

2. Teach and model TECCS values, including:

a. Respect for all people regardless of age, gender, physical differences, sexual orientation, nationality, race or religion

b. Appreciation of diversity in culture, thought and learning style c. Peaceful resolution of conflicts

d. Working to the best of our abilities

e. Empathy, thoughtfulness, and kindness

3. Uphold the highest ethical standards;

4. Communicate openly with others, particularly when there is a concern;

5. Possess an open mind and think flexibly

6. Remain open to continuous learning and grow personally and professionally;

7. Include parents as partners in the educational process and support their involvement in their child’s education in every way possible;

8. Seek out resources from the local community and integrate them into the school environment;

9. Maintain an awareness of the environment and strive to conserve energy, the natural environment and school resources;

10. Present a neat, well-groomed and modest appearance.

11. Admit and own their mistakes, learn from them and proactively move forward.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Brooklyn, New York
The Ethical Community Charter School

700 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11206, US