Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teachers

KIPP GCP Primary is a free, public charter school that opened with a founding Kindergarten in August 2012.

GCP Primary is looking for extraordinary Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers to commit KIPP Gaston’s mission: to empower all of our students with the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to succeed at the college of their choice, strengthen our community, and fight for social justice.

GCP Primary will be a family that nurtures and supports children as they grow through guided investigation of our world to begin the journey to college, career, and a life of joy and purpose. As the leaders of our students’ primary encounter with schooling, our staff has the power to reinforce in every child her/his potential and the joy of learning. We aspire that our students’ first experiences with school convince them that school is a place where they are known, valued, and loved for who they are; a place where they succeed and grow everyday; a place where they do important work that matters now and for their future.

As we continue to ensure that all of our students are successful in college and most importantly life, our most important task is finding extraordinary teachers who believe in our mission and share our beliefs about all students.We are looking for passionate educators who are hungry for constant feedback and will do whatever it takes for our students to learn.

Our core beliefs:

v We are lifelong learners who embrace learning for its own sake.

v We share responsibility for our children and our mission.

v Families and communities are valued partners.

v Collaboration and cooperation improve results.

v Data guides decision-making.

v A well-rounded education includes arts, language, athletics, and leadership opportunities.

v Education is freedom.

How to apply

If your beliefs align with ours and you are willing to do whatever it takes for students to succeed in the 2013-2014 school year, please apply by sending your resume and cover letter to

Gaston, North Carolina
KIPP GCP Primary

320 Pleasant Hill Road, Gaston, NC, 27832, US