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In conjunction with the Brattleboro Tree Board, a local arborist – Bob Everingham, and I – an AUNE Con-Bio student working on my Masters Project, are taking a sample survey of ash trees in Brattleboro for the purpose of determining the potential damage and possible ways to avert damage if and when the EAB arrives in our area.  We would like to have someone help us entering some data on a spreadsheet for itree, and more importantly, to correlate existing town maps with our ash tree inventory survey on GIS.  We are not sure of the amount of work that this will take someone, however, the goal is to be finished by mid-to-late October.  We are offering a $250 stipend.  The work will be in assisting us by creating maps that we can use to present to the town selectboard for the purpose of securing funding to prevent the annihilation of ash trees in the Brattleboro community .. a noble cause.


 If interested, please contact John Ogorzalek at or


Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro Tree Board and a local arborist
John Ogorzalek or

Brattleboro, VT