Intake/Eligibility Coordinator

The position entails providing information and referral services to all inquiries regarding eligibility and services through the Area Agency, processing of all application for eligibility for services under RSA 171-A and /or He-M 522 criteria.

-Respond to request from individuals and other agencies for information regarding eligibility and services. Serve as an information and referral agent. (RSA 171-A, He-M 503 and He-M 522).
-Explain the application/eligibility process and offer assistance with the application to individuals. Inform applicant of Area Agency role and responsibilities and help identify services that are needed. (He-M 503.04 (c&d) or He-M 522.01 (d).
-Initiate and monitor all applications and eligibility determinations.
-Oversee of all paperwork and forms related to applications.
-Meet with individuals as necessary and complete functional assessment if needed. (He-M 503.05 (c) (3) or He-M 522.05 (c) (3).
-Undertake an assessment of public and private resources for which the applicant might be eligible and refer as appropriate (He-M 503.04 (h) or He-M 522.04 (g).
-Track, Maintain and Process all documentation in the intake process.

Nashua, New Hampshire
Gateways Community Services
Danielle Fuller