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The LAYC Career Academy is seeking a skilled, dynamic, dedicated instructor to join us in the creation of an exciting educational community. The ideal candidate will have an energetic and flexible nature and demonstrated success in: motivating; educating; developing curriculum; building a strong school culture; using data to drive instructional improvements; and achieving outstanding academic outcomes for disconnected youth.

School Description:

The LAYC Career Academy is a year-round model which sets high expectations for disconnected youth, 16-24 years of age, by providing a college preparatory GED curriculum, the ability to gain skills in healthcare or IT, and the opportunity to gain college credits before graduation. The school is built upon the central beliefs that:

  • All youth must obtain either a college degree or industry-recognized credential.
  • Students grow by recognizing their own strengths, using them to overcome obstacles, and setting and achieving ambitious academic and career goals.
  • Disconnected youth will succeed academically and personally with the help of high-quality, culturally appropriate education and support services.

All graduates will complete a college preparatory curriculum that is aligned to Common Core State Standards and the 2014 GED. Students will also achieve one of three outcomes before graduating: become a Medical Assistant; become an A+ Certified Technician; or complete six college credits through the Career Academy’s partnership with the Community College of the District of Columbia, Trinity University, and Bard College.

The LAYC Career Academy opened in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC in the fall of 2012. For more information, please visit

The LAYC Career Academy was founded by the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), LAYC is a nationally recognized multi-cultural, multi-service agency serving low-income youth across the District of Columbia and in Maryland’s Prince Georges’ and Montgomery Counties. LAYC works with over 4, 000 individuals each year to support academic achievement, promote healthy behaviors, and guide youth toward successful adulthood.

We are currently seeking instructors for the following subject areas:

  • Math ; numeracy through calculus
  • English Language Arts / Reading ; phonics and early literacy through AP level

Characteristics of Ideal Instructor:

Passion for Results

  • Possesses a track record of and relentless drive to attain dramatic improvements in academic achievement for all students
  • Evaluates informal and formal student assessment results and uses data to inform instruction
  • Holds self and other colleagues accountable for outcomes and results

Excellent Teaching Skills

  • Creates a classroom environment conducive to a wide-range of intellectual, social, and emotional developmental stages
  • Uses effective planning to lead well-organized, objective-driven, standards-based lessons
  • Demonstrates the ability to adjust instructional strategies and practices in order to assist students in reaching academic goals
  • Understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to meet students’ diverse learning needs; engages students at all learning levels in rigorous work
  • Uses student learning data to drive instructional improvements
  • Provides clear feedback to students and guides students in assessing their own learning
  • Maximizes instructional time and provides students with multiple ways to engage in content
  • Builds a safe and nurturing classroom culture which provides rigor, inspiration, and motivation for all students
  • Seeks and participates in professional development opportunities internally and externally

Strong Commitment to Mission

  • Holds high expectations for student achievement and behavior
  • Treats every community member with respect, dignity, and understanding
  • Ascribes to holistic student development and achievement

Great People Skills

  • Communicates clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Works successfully with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds


  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum of two years successful teaching experience
  • Clear understanding of the Common Core State Standards for subject area
  • Demonstrated ability to teach in ways that are interactive, project-based, and promote self-discovery and critical thinking
  • Aware of current educational technology and social media and its possible interactions with the classroom
  • Commitment to the tenets of positive youth development to meet the needs of every youth in a diverse population
  • Demonstrated ability to establish a safe, nurturing and effective classroom culture
  • Strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to work as a member of a team
  • Commitment to develop and contribute to a community of educators
  • Flexibility, commitment, and enthusiasm
  • Spanish fluency is beneficial but not required

Ongoing Responsibilities:

  • Plan, prepare and deliver active learning experiences for students
  • Develop written lesson plans which include clear objectives for all learning activities
  • Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities
  • Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students’ varying needs
  • Create and administer a variety of assessments to measure student improvement and monitor student mastery of content standards
  • Maintain accurate and complete records of students’ progress and development
  • Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs
  • Remain abreast of new developments in subject area, teaching resources and methods
  • Attend all staff meetings and professional development sessions and participate actively
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned

How to apply

To apply, please email a résumé and a cover letter to Ashley McQueen at

Washington, District of Columbia
The LAYC Career Academy
Ashley McQueen

3047 15th Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20009, United States