Impact HUB Boston Lead Host

The Impact HUB is coming to Boston!

Spanning six continents and nearly 40 locations, the Impact Hub is a network of communities of entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place. Impact HUB Boston will be a physical home for entrepreneurs, impact professionals, creatives and innovators organized around collaboration, learning, and making change happen. Opening soon, Impact Hub Boston is brought to you by the team that brought you Cambridge Innovation Center. To help Impact Hub Boston members get the most from the community experience, we are hiring a full time Impact HUB Boston Lead Host.

JOB DESCRIPTION / RESPONSIBILITIES Impact HUB Boston is hiring a Lead Host who will report to the President, manage a team of hosts and be responsible for growing and strategically supporting the Impact HUB’s diverse community of members. Responsibilities include:

  • Promoting an active and engaged Impact HUB community,
  • Design and execute the member interview process and on-boarding to ensure a high quality match between new members and the community,
  • trategically manage activities and operations in the local and global Impact HUB communities to increase the number of connections, the level of mutual supportand the amount of collaboration among members,
  • Design and execute an event program that fuels the community with inspiration and hands-on knowledge for social change,
  • Assist with the strategic direction of the Impact HUB’s online member-platform to serve as a valuable tool for knowledge exchange and connections,
  • Work with other Impact HUBs on cross-network initiatives,
  • Establishing relationships with key players in the region to create joint programs that create value for Impact HUB members,
  • Maintain strong working relationships with CIC staff and related organizations such as Venture Café Foundation,

REQUIREMENTS We consider professional experience part of someone’s story, but we also like to see other experiences that contribute to the full picture.Please include other recent work that may not clearly relate to the host position.

The perfect candidate will demonstrate these traits through a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience:

  • Ability to strategically analyze a community and identify specific actions to enable an increasing level of interaction and collaboration among the members.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate people.
  • Demonstrate extensive social/people skills.
  • Possess exceptional communication skills.
  • Ability to facilitate and host events with a large, diverse audience (preferably experience with hosting Open Spaces, World Cafés and events applying similar techniques).
  • Demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship.
  • Knowledge and experience with shaping an organizational culture.
  • Affinity with technical tools that enable virtual community interaction.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Ability to identify new opportunities and capitalize on them.
  • Familiar with the concepts of Art of Hosting and Systems Thinking


Although skills and professional experience are critical components of success in this job, values alignment and a shared purpose are equally important. The successful candidate will be:

  • passionate about topics such as social innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability;
  • prepared to lead by example, and will have demonstrated a strong service ethic in past experiences;
  • aware of how their behavior affects other people, locally and globally;
  • eager to improve their professional and personal skills on an ongoing basis;
  • knowledgeable about major global challenges (climate change, energy alternatives, food systems, etc.), and curious about practical solutions;
  • innovative at solving problems;
  • quick topick up new skills;
  • equally excited to host both high-profile leaders and young, inexperienced entrepreneurs;
  • personable and attentive to members’ needs;
  • able to prioritize and achieve many goals and tasks on a daily basis;
  • comfortable suggesting new processes;
  • fun-loving, with a great sense of humor;
  • positive, calm, and dependable under stress;
  • empathetic with people from diverse global cultures;
  • prepared and available for a minimum of a two-year work period.


  • Mission: Help world-changing entrepreneurs grow and succeed by creating a community where they can thrive.
  • Creative: We are building the road as we travel. There will be plenty of opportunities to take an idea, make it yours, and make it happen.
  • Learn: research and implement strategies and tactics for stronger community building.
  • Energetic community: Our members are some of the smartest individuals in the country, and take part in a wide range of industries, including tech, cleantech, sustainability, the arts, and non-profits of all sorts.
  • Highly varied work: each day brings opportunities to come up with creative solutions for members’ needs.
  • Convenient location: the Impact Hub Boston location is about 150 yards from the Kendall Square stop on the Red Line.
  • Great team: Engaged and exciting coworkers in a staff-friendly environment.
  • Starting compensation is $37132 plus 100% of the cost of a premium healthcare and dental package, long and short-term disability, life insurance, and two weeks vacation from the start (more with seniority). Regular raises base primarily on performance.
  • Please do NOT apply for this job if:
  • It will be your first hands-on operational job;
  • You expect us to relocate you from another city;
  • You have an instinct to embellish your experience or education;
  • You would have taken the “blue pill” from Morpheus, in the Matrix.

Please send all information to Kathleen Costello at

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume. Please make sure your resume reflects all of your work experience.

Please send all information to

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Impact Hub Boston
Kathleen Costello