IMMEDIATE: Full- or Part-Time Pre-K Teacher

Match Education ( is an engine of discovery and applied innovation in education. We operate high-performing urban public charter schools and a unique graduate school of education that trains teachers for high-poverty schools. Out of this applied work, we refine, validate empirically, and eventually disseminate new ideas and practices on core questions in education reform.

The most important element of the work we do is our schools. Our schools are widely recognized for their success in preparing low-income students from Boston academically for admission and persistence in a four-year college. Historically, 99% of our students have been accepted to a four year college and university, and 85% of those students are on track to graduate or have graduated from college.

The key ingredient in our success is the relentless amount of support and dedication that our students receive from their teachers and the people that work here.

Match Community Day, our (relatively) new elementary school geared towards serving Boston’s English Language Learners, is looking for an A+ Pre-K teacher to join our staff immediately.


1. We have a unique and innovative model. All students at Match, whether they are the most high achieving 3rd grader, or a pre-K student, receive two hours of tutoring a day (built into their school schedule), where they receive differentiated instruction in ELA and Math. This is in addition to their regular coursework and accounts for our extended day.

2. Every full-time teacher at Match receives the aid of a Match Corps member (often a teacher resident). Match Corps members help teachers prepare their lessons, grade homework, and develop new ideas for the next day. This helps our teachers spend more time doing things they often want to do but never have time for, such as making phone calls home, developing engaging lesson materials and more.

3. We develop our teachers through comprehensive development, and provide leadership opportunities for our teachers to grow. For example, at our middle and high school, we’ve taken all operations off the shoulders of our principals so that they can devote all their attention to improving instruction.

In addition, our teachers have gone on to become school leaders at other charter school organizations, change agents in education reform (particularly in the nonprofit sector), top level business schools, and more.

4. Our kids are the funniest and best students in the state, and maybe in the world. Don’t believe us? This video will prove you wrong:


The successful applicant for this position will: have 2 or more years of full-time experience as a lead teacher, preferably in an urban education setting; believe that all students can and will succeed; desire to continually improve their practice as a teacher by taking and implementing feedback; use data to drive instruction; have a proven record of student success and achievement; appreciate a good sense of humor.

Boston, Massachusetts
Match Education
Min Ji