Humanities Instructor (High School)


The Humanities (English & integrated History/ISS) instructor will inspire students to genuinely explore the fields of literature, philosophy, history, sociology, & geography through innovative & interdisciplinary curriculum design, scaffolded instruction and City2Classroom partnerships that move students from the classroom into the city. The Humanities instructor is expected to help students communicate their understanding of the universe through these lenses. GCE’s open position may include courses from the full curriculum scope & sequence: FR: Global Context; SO: Global Stories; JR: Global Government; SR: Global Vision; Electives TBD.

OUTCOMES (Responsibilities/Duties)

Student Focus:

  • Actively instruct students with different learning styles and behaviors by preparing lesson plans that reflect student needs & group dynamic
  • Manage students in the classroom
  • Communicate with parents to help prepare students in their Humanities abilities
  • Prepare students for college entry exams (ACT/SAT/SAT II)
  • Facilitate inquiry- and project-based learning
  • Guide Field Experiences
  • Assess and monitor student progress
  • Bridge classes and ideas in a cross-curricular environment

School Focus:

  • Teach 2 courses per term; refine GCE Humanities courses
  • Connect lessons with current events in Chicago and in the world
  • Cultivate a non verbal-centric environment that accepts and respects many ways of seeing and re-framing the world
  • Encourage students to participate in and complete Action Projects that reveal learning in non-linear ways
  • Cultivate content-related external partnerships
  • Capture the essence of GCE life through student portfolios and staff blog
  • Actively participate in professional development
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Communicate with families and partners
  • Evaluate oneself and give/receive constructive criticism to/from colleagues & students

Partnership Focus:

  • Identify and pursue partnerships that bring curriculum to life
  • Incorporate guest experts to enhance courses
  • Seek Humanities grant money and financial support to enhance curriculum
  • Design online learning activities that transcend the constraints of GCE’s physical facilities so that students may pursue learning from any and all locations.

Time & Place

This is a full-time position, following GCE’s annual and weekly calendar. Daily schedule is 8am-5pm. Alternate schedules (including evenings and weekends) and alternate locations (for programs and various other activities) will apply, as needed.


  • Teaching experience with and interest in progressive/alternative methods of education; Teachers as facilitators ; embrace non-traditional teacher role ; master learners (you want to learn and push yourself to do so).
  • Experience working in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environments
  • Start-up mentality and energy ; despite being a school, we function more as an entrepreneurial organization; Ability to wear multiple hats; versatility; multiple roles; part of the Humanities as a whole
  • Computer and internet skills, as well as the desire to learn new online communication platforms including Windows, Word-press, facebook, twitter, flickr, vimeo, youtube, etc. The expectation is that the Humanities instructor will learn additional sytems/platforms.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Masters degree a plus
  • Non-profit experience a plus
  • Living abroad/Travel experiences a plus
  • Foreign languages a plus


  • Job Status: Full-Time Salaried, Exempt. August 6, 2014 – June 10, 2015 (independent prep work begins in July)
  • Salary is $40,000-$55,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications.
  • Group health insurance; GCE covers roughly 50%.
  • Paid time off includes a minimum of most Federal Holidays, one week at Thanksgiving, one and a half weeks over the winter holidays, one week in spring., and several weeks over the summer.

How to apply


  1. Submit Cover Letter & CV to
  1. Phone interview
  1. Interview with Director & Senior Admin Team (as available)
  1. Interview with staff
  1. Guest teaching &/or FE guide and/or other relevant project ; collaborate with staff
  1. Background checks
  1. Reference checks

How to Apply

No phone calls please; only emails. We will contact those candidates we wish to interview.

If your resume does not clearly detail how you meet the essential requirements of this job, please be specific in your cover letter about your qualifications.

Equal Opportunity Employer.

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