Human Capital Manager


At the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS), we aspire to be one of America’s premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed, and innovative. Our mission – preparing all children to achieve academic excellence and strength of character, so that they have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life ; guides our work. At PPS, we are working hard every day on behalf of the many children that we are privileged to serve.

This is an exciting time to be a part of a great organization at the forefront of innovation in urban public education. Human Resources (HR) is an important partner in the District’s work. HR is working to ensure students have the right teachers, in the right places, with the right supports. HR is taking steps to provide a higher level of service to our schools. To accomplish this goal, a new role, the Human Capital Manager (HCM), is launching this fall. We are seeking talented individuals to join this vastly important and rewarding work.

Position Expectations:

The Human Capital Manager will support an assigned group of schools in meeting their human capital needs. The HCM provides talent management support to principals in recruitment, selection, placement and performance. HCMs will focus heavily on the deployment and continuous improvement of the existing workforce. The HCM will connect school leaders to Human Resource partners in Employee Evaluation, Employee Relations, and Benefits.

The Human Capital Manager will be the HR point of contact for school leaders. They will build strong relationships with school leaders and will understand the school’s academic goals and how HR can support schools to have the right talent to achieve those goals. The HCM will be accountable for meeting staffing and customer service needs throughout the school year. This position offers the successful candidate the opportunity to be a part of transforming how Pittsburgh Public Schools delivers HR services to schools, and, as such, how school-based staff ensure that all students achieve academic excellence.

Essential Responsibilities:

The Human Capital Manager plays an integral role in achieving the mission and goals of Pittsburgh Public Schools by providing excellent customer service and staffing support to between 15 ; 30 school sites. This includes:

  • Recruiting and assisting school selection of teachers and other school-site employees who will advance schools in their goal of all students achieving high levels of academic growth and Promise-Readiness.
  • Supporting school sites with their staffing needs, including:
    • Building a relationship with the Assistant Superintendents (each of whom oversees a cluster of 15 ; 20 schools) and each principal/hiring manager to become familiar with the specific needs and performance data of each school.
    • Identifying vacancies and referring potential candidates based on the site’s unique needs.
    • Ensuring a timely hiring process so that all vacancies are filled with quality applicants.
    • Tracking and documenting vacancy and selection data, and analyzing data for trends and improvement opportunities.
    • Meeting with school site leaders/staffs 2-3 times a year (and additionally as needed) to discuss human capital goals and needs.
    • Assisting principals in the development of a school marketing plan, retention strategies, competency-based selection model, effective interview techniques, performance management and orientation and induction for new school staff.
  • Reviewing and processing candidate applications; ensuring that all recommended hired candidates are properly certified to hold positions where certification is a requirement.
  • Developing a knowledge base around Pennsylvania Department of Education certification requirements, and clearly communicating this information to prospective employees.
  • Providing education/training and support to school site leaders on district key dates, federal and state policies and requirements, and policies established by the Board and through the collective bargaining process.
  • Collecting and analyzing data in order to measure progress toward staffing goals.
  • Assisting principals in managing staff attendance.
  • Providing individualized principal coaching/professional development on staffing best practices.
  • Tracking and managing positions and staff movements as required per the collective bargaining agreement.

In addition to supporting school sites, the Human Capital Manager will collaborate with other HR staff to perform the following duties:

  • Provide regular updates to the Chief of Human Resources, Assistant Superintendents, and other HR staff with regards to progress against goals and challenges to meeting goals.
  • Manage selected department operations, including maintaining the teacher applicant database, responding to principal needs and concerns, and addressing candidate communications in a timely manner.
  • Provide outstanding customer service to internal and external candidates by communicating regularly and advising candidates on position requirements.
  • Process new hires throughout orientation process, from time of hire to start date.
  • Monitor the involuntary placement process and assist principals in placement issues.
  • Participate in department planning and goal setting.
  • Collect and analyze selection data to benchmark progress toward goals; conduct analysis of data to assess impact and ensure compliance.
  • Determine and analyze recruitment/staffing needs based on workforce analyses and staffing goals and develop recruitment plans.
  • Conduct recruitment activities (some after-hours work and travel may be required).
  • Plan, organize, and manage the logistics of hiring/interview events, orientations, and school-leader training sessions/individualized coaching.
  • Maintain all databases, as necessary.
  • Work with HR team members on additional projects as necessary.

Evaluation & Accountabilities

The Human Capital Manager will ultimately be held accountable for addressing staffing needs immediately, opening schools fully staffed, and satisfying principals/hiring managers served. Metrics used to measure performance include teacher turnover by school, absence management, percentage of site vacancies staffed by critical milestones throughout the school year, and principal satisfaction.

Additional Requirements:

We are seeking an individual who passionately believes in the mission of PPS. We are looking for a team member who has a passion for the quality of urban education, who thrives in an active and challenging environment, who will be a team player and who demonstrates a record of achievement. Successful candidates will assume a high sense of accountability and ownership over their work and will also demonstrate:

The ability to form strong professional relationships with school leaders and other partners

  • Experience successfully working independently to meet goals
  • Excellent data analysis skills and experience synthesizing data to drive action steps
  • Superb computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint); most importantly, an intermediate or advanced knowledge of Excel and/or Access
  • Outstanding organizational and event planning skills
  • The ability to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • The ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to identify challenges and proactively work to find solutions
  • Flexible, “can do” work ethic with a focus on what can be delivered despite unforeseen challenges
  • A passionate belief in the mission of the District and a commitment to increasing the effectiveness of its teacher workforce in order to increase student achievement
  • Experience with an urban school district (strongly preferred)

Minimum Qualifications:


A bachelor’s degree is required. A master’s degree in education, educational leadership, education policy, public administration, public policy, business or related field is preferred.

Desired Experience:

At least two years of verifiable experience in a school district, educational non-profit or other K-12 setting; or minimum two years’ experience as a teacher within an urban setting; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. HR experience not required, but also preferred.


Salary starts at $69,306

Work Environment:

Employees of the Pittsburgh Public Schools engage in the extremely important and fulfilling job of educating students in the City of Pittsburgh. Employees must believe in, value and be committed to the educability of all; must promote the school and district vision of high standards of learning and academic rigor, continuous school improvement, and the inclusion of all members of the school community; must be willing to work in a high stress environment while maintaining the energy necessary to meet the responsibilities and expectations of the position.

ADA: The employer will make reasonable accommodation in compliance with the

American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

This job description will be reviewed periodically as duties and responsibilities change

with business necessity.

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply at

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS)

341 S. Bellefield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, US