Histories Teaching Position

The Island School is seeking a Histories teacher who has demonstrated a career commitment to teaching and is excited about doing so in our remote community setting, starting in August 2014. The Histories of The Bahamas course focuses on the subjective experience of history by encouraging students to learn directly from local Bahamians during immersion experiences that include community explorations. Applicants for these positions should have a background, skill set, and passion in anthropology, oral history, and experience participating in or leading cultural immersion opportunities. While the primary responsibility of our teachers is to deliver progressive, thoughtful coursework in their area of expertise, they must also be able to juggle myriad responsibilities beyond academics. This includes supporting the morning exercise program, doing chores alongside the students, and countless smaller duties associated with running a boarding program, often requiring a presence into the evenings and over the weekends. Medical training, experience in SCUBA instruction, kayaking and outdoor leadership skills are also beneficial.


  • Teaching 2-3 sections of 12 students in Histories
  • Advisor for 4-6 students
  • Residential Duty
  • Morning Exercise and Chores with community
  • Kayak program support, if applicable
  • Cultural Contact program support, if applicable
  • This is an overview of the position, but responsibilities are not limited to the above list.

How to apply

Review more information about our curriculum, working at The Island School, and how to apply at www.islandschool.org/welcome/employment/. Qualified applicants will be reviewed and contact on a rolling basis before March 31, 2014 to begin employment on or before August 1, 2014.

South Eleuthera District, Bahamas,
Cape Eleuthera Island School

PO Box EL-26029, Deep Creek, South Eleuthera District, Bahamas