High School Teachers

For a more than a decade the students and staff of KIPP Gaston College Preparatory have been fighting for educational equality in northeastern North Carolina. Beginning with just one class of fifth graders in 2001, we expanded in 2005 to include a high school, and will continue that expansion in the fall of 2012 with a new primary school. Our current middle and high school of 700 students will eventually expand to a K-12 campus with over 1100 students.

As a public school of choice, KIPP Gaston students and their families make the choice to commit to extended hours, higher expectations and a more rigorous college-preparatory education. We believe that through hard work, commitment and passion, all of our students will be empowered with the skills, habits and knowledge necessary to succeed at the colleges of their choice, strengthen our community and fight for social justice.

Since 2009, 100% of KIPP Gaston seniors have been accepted to a four-year college and more than 85% will be the first in their family to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In 2011, KIPP Gaston earned the distinction of being a NC Honor School of Excellence and was recognized as “One of America’s Best High Schools” by the Washington Post. While we are extremely proud of our students, we know that our school’s ultimate success will be measured by the accomplishments of our alumni in college and throughout their lives.

As we continue to ensure that all of our students are successful in college and most importantly life, our most important task is finding extraordinary teachers who believe in our mission and share our beliefs about all students. Who are these extraordinary teachers? We are looking for passionate educators who are hungry for constant feedback and will do whatever it takes for our students to learn.

This quest to find extraordinary teachers is our top priority. It is the expertise and love of educators that transform a school into a true learning community. If you are committed to our mission and fighting the educational injustices in our country, we invite you to continue in our application process by emailing your resume and cover letter to the appropriate school leader below. With amazing teachers, our campus will continue to grow and improve, thus changing the trajectory of individual students and in doing so strengthen our shared community.


  • Unwavering committment to our mission and faith in all of your students
  • Experience and success with historically under-served populations of students
  • 2 years teaching experience (preferred);
  • Strong desire to teach an academically intense curriculum and commit to an extended school calendar
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the philosophy that every minute of every day is learning time by preparing and executing engaging lessons
  • Multi-faceted, multi-skilled, resourceful, and willing to do whatever it takes to help our students reach a level of academic excellence
  • Unquestioned integrity and commitment to KIPP Gaston’s mission and community
  • Bachelor’s degree (required)

How to apply

Send your resume and a cover letter to Kevika Amar at kamar@kippgcp.org.

Gaston, North Carolina
KIPP Gaston College Preparatory
Kevika Amar

320 Pleasant Hill Road, Gaston, NC, 27832, US