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About Newark, NJ

Located 11 miles away from mid-town Manhattan, Newark is a vibrant city in its own right. Newark is the financial, commercial, and transportation nucleus of the Garden State. It also is a thriving cultural hub, with residents from all over the world. Newark is filled with events and attractions, such as the Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Festival and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. There is something for everyone to explore and enjoy in the City of Newark, from festivals and parades, to museums and musical venues, Newark is the New York City metropolitan area’s best kept secret.

About the Paulo Freire School

The Paulo Freire Charter School (aka The Freire School) has received authorization and approval from the New Jersey State Department of Education to open a charter school in Newark, NJ to serve students in grades 9-12. In September 2012, The Freire School will open its doors to 80 incoming 9th grade students.

Mission of the Paulo Freire Charter School

The mission of the Paulo Freire Charter School (aka The Freire School) is to service those who strive to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding for the betterment of our society. We seek to improve the quality of life by putting scholarship into practice for the purpose of addressing social inequities and injustices. Through a cyclical process of inquiry and social engagement, our scholars take key concepts and apply them to service learning projects that promote social justice and democracy. Our goal is to develop a self-actualized scholar, who possesses a knowledgeable and discerning mind, thrives in service to others, and is prepared for higher education.

Our teachers must firmly believe in the mission of the school, its goals, and its core value: as teachers one of our most important roles is to foster the active use of knowledge.

The Freire School is committed to:

  1. Placing a premium on inquiry based instruction and social engagement.
  2. Maintaining a commitment to a cognitive apprenticeship methodology.
  3. Hiring and retaining high-quality, mission aligned teachers.
  4. Using a data-driven approach to plan and implement lessons.
  5. Employing a variety of customized daily student supports.

About the Position:

The Paulo Freire Charter School is looking for secondary teachers in the following content areas:

  1. Literature/English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Studies
  4. Spanish
  5. Earth Science
  6. Biology
  7. Studio Art
  8. Physical Education/Health

The teachers at The Paulo Freire Charter School are responsible for the effective implementation of the educational program at the school. Passion for one’s duty is a must. Our teachers must be fully competent in their content area while being able to offer differentiated instruction. Working well with other teachers and staff is a must as we intend to create a culture of educational development and inquiry. Implementation of the curriculum across various disciplines is an integral component of The Freire School mission. This position reprorts to the Executive Director of Academics.

The Teachers at the Paulo Freire Charter School will perform the following duties:

1) Implement the school-wide student curriculum and instructional model with fidelity.

2) Assist in the development of curriculum and curriculum mapping.

3) Create rigorous and engaging, long-term and daily, lesson plans that follow curriculum maps.

4) Demonstrate strong pedagogy by possessing a solid content knowledge.

5) Utilize multimedia and instructional technologies to maximize student engagement and learning success.

6) Facilitate classroom instruction using clear and defined learning objectives.

7) Evaluate and assess student learning and progress towards meeting learning objectives.

8) Establish a positive classroom climate and classroom management system.

9) Develop instructional strategies that engage a diverse variety of learners.

10) Exhibit positive rapport with students.

11) Participate in weekly Critical Friends Circles (Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm)

12) Create and foster a positive learning environment

13) Establish and maintain strong communication lines with all parents

14) Be available for Open Houses, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and other events involving parents

15) Serve on school committees, as needed

16) Perform a parallel School Leadership role

17) Remain available in the evenings and weekends to provide student support, (i.e. via tutoring, phone, IM, or email)

18) Chaperone students on trips beyond school grounds where appropriate

19) Model appropriate behavior with student, parent, and colleague interactions

20) Demonstrate strong management of time and instructional pacing in an extended instructional day (7:30 am ; 4:30 pm)

21) Putting in an extraordinary amount of time and effort to contribute to student and school success.

22) Pursue professional growth

School Leadership Roles of Teachers

1) Reading and Math Specialists

2) ELL Lead Teachers

3) Assessment and Data Analysis Coordinator

4) Summer Institute Developer

5) School Events Coordinators

6) Educational Technology Coordinator

7) Staff Advocate

Excellent Candidates Will Demonstrate the Following Competencies:

1) Believe deeply in and show an affinity for the mission, goals, principles, and core values of the Paulo Freire Charter School.

2) Have high expectations for each student.

3) Be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure student academic success and college readiness.

4) Possess a strong knowledge of content area

5) Demonstrate strong pedagogy.

Skills & Qualifications

1) Bachelor’s Degree from a competitive college or university, required.

2) Must hold a New Jersey K-12 (or 6-12) Standard/Provisional Teaching Certificate in their respective content area; a New Jersey K-12 (or 6-12)

Certificate of Eligibility; or Out-of-State Secondary Teaching Certificate in their respective content area.

3) Must have experience working in urban schools.

4) Demonstrated successful teaching experience.

5) Must be able to pass a criminal background check.

6) Must have desire to be part of a team-oriented, mission-driven school.

7) Must have a strong work ethic, and a sense of humor.

8) Must be creative and detail oriented, with well-developed organization skills.

9) Must enjoy working with high school students.

10) Must possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and be willing to build an organization from the ground up.

11) Must have problem solving skills and meet challenges with resilience and grit.

12) Demonstrated capacity in being a catalyst for change, well organized and collaborative.

How to apply

Please send a (1) cover letter, (2) current professional resume, (3) unofficial copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, (4) a snapshot of your professional portfolio, and (5) a written document outlining your Philosophy on Education to careers@thefreireschool.org.

Please put the job title, (High School Teacher), in the subject line of your email.

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