Head of School

Head Of School

Position Description

Commitments: Staff and especially administrative leaders at PCA are expected to go above and beyond “school hours” to ensure student achievement and carry out a belief that all students can achieve. All leaders model the core values and mission of PCA in every piece of their work and at all times. In order to be successful, all leaders must be innovative, relentless, humble and communicative with all members of the PCA community.

Academic Development

  • Monitor Mastery Tracking and Data Cycle use in each discipline; ensure rigorous and accurate assessments and data
  • Ensure of PCA appropriate Scopes and Sequences, Interim Assessments, Final Assessments for each class as overseen by department chairs; hold middle-management accountable for creating data base of historical reference (Sharepoint and Dropbox) for every class at PCA
  • Participate in Instructional Leadership Team when necessary and serve as final decision for academic issues and conundra; oversee quarterly master schedules
  • Be deeply knowledgeable of MCAS and all other tutoring curricula; with Program Manager, ensure elite-level tutoring for each student; ensure on-going increases in MCAS scores each year
  • Oversee claiming of MCAS cohort students and ensure appropriate assignment of students; along with Data Manager, Leader in Training and Dean of Curriculum and Instruction ensure flawless MCAS delivery and testing calendar
  • Oversee IKT process and serve as final decision maker for evaluations and IEP additions
  • Ensure greater college-readiness is infused in each subject matter; develop interventions for soon-to-be graduates; oversee registration of courses as pathway towards graduation
  • With help of AP liaison, manage all Advanced Placement courses and increase scores on AP exams from 2012-2013 to 2013-2014 for 20% of students participating in exams
  • Grow a self-sustaining art program
  • Continue to innovate to increate student attachment to and achievement in school

Operations Management

  • Manage instructional budget and work closely with Director of Finance to monitor relationship of budget to enrollment; become deeply knowledgeable of fiscal boundaries of school budget
  • Directly supervise Coordinator of Operations
  • Ensure building is clean and conducive to learning at all times
  • Ensure appropriate DESE regulations are met and delegated to appropriate staff (including but not limited to data collection and annual disciplinary reporting
  • Oversee hiring processes from CMO recruitment through final offer; manage recruitment of diverse and elite staff; participate in salary discussions for appropriate staff

School Culture Development Responsibilities (Students)

  • With Dean of Students, continue to improve detention and differentiated discipline at PCA; create culture of “Character Building” and “Discipline” over punishment
  • Along with Dean of Students make decisions of expulsion and suspension; recommend decisions to Chief Executive Officer and Board of Trustees
  • Work with Director of Clinical Support to ensure appropriate case management for all students is provided; ensure community partners are well chosen and relationships are well-cultivated
  • Oversee management of all orientations and attend first 3 in the beginning of the year
  • Reach enrollment number of 225 at the beginning of each quarter
  • Continue to evolve outreach and retention strategies with Dean of Students; attend Student Support Teams to offer support when needed

Professional and Cultural Development Responsibilities (Staff)

  • Walk and live the mission of PCA, inspiring others to do so
  • Work with DoCI and Program Manager to create quarterly Professional Development calendar that respond to three major areas: Network and School-wide goals, Demonstrated need, Demonstrated teacher/tutor need
  • Create summer reading packets and preparation for upcoming school year
  • Work with CAO and Instructional Leadership Team to develop Teacher and Fellowship Institute; participate when necessary
  • Remain responsive to professional needs of staff and infuse added supportive and developmental sessions when necessary
  • Participate in Learning Walks in at least 4 schools over the course of the next year and bring best practices to PCA; this can and should include Learning Walks at Phoenix Academy Lawrence
  • Continue to participate in leadership coaching throughout the year

Direct Supervision Responsibilities

  • Supervise Dean of Students
  • Supervise Dean of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Supervise (along with CAO and HoS of Lawrence) Leader in Training
  • Supervise Director of Academic Support; ensure CPR is organized and PCA remains fully compliant
  • Supervise Manager of College Services
  • Supervise Program Manager of Fellowship (particularly operationally); ensure alignment of tutor and teacher instruction
  • Meet with each supervisee for at least 1 hour a week; note many supervisees will require more time
  • Meet weekly with CAO
  • Meet with CEO when necessary
  • Develop mechanism for mid-year self-evaluation from all supervisees
  • Provide at least one mid-year evaluation for each supervisee

It is understood that this Job Description is a summary of the primary duties and responsibilities of the position. It is not intended to be a complete and total description of each and every duty and responsibility. As such, this job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.

It is also understood that the School retains the right to modify this Job Description at any time, for any reason, at the School’s sole discretion.

How to apply

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