Green Programming Director


Job Title: Green Programming Director

Reports To: Headmaster

Terms: Management, Tier C

Boston Green Academy, an exciting new Horace Mann (in-­â€district) charter school within the Boston Public Schools, is seeking a Green Programming Director to ensure that the school meets its mission with respect to sustainability and becomes a national and international leader in secondary environmental education. The mission of Boston Green Academy is to prepare all students ; especially those who struggle ; for success in college and the 21st century green economy.

General Description and Goals

The Green Programming Director reports directly to and advises the Headmasteras well as the Board of Trustees, students, families, and facultyon all matters concerning the green identity of the school including partnerships, programs, and curriculum. A skillful communicator, networker, and visionary, the Green Programming Director will in many instances represent the school in public and must be organized, inspirational, and passionate.

Working closely with the Headmaster, the Development Coordinator, the Green Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Assistant Headmasters, and our students and staff, the Green Programming Director will lead the development of and help to implement a 3-­â€year strategic plan for green programming that will result in the identification and acquisition of resources needed to enable the school to become a leader in urban environmental education. This plan will include the initiation and management of corporate, government, academic, and non-­â€profit partnerships in the fields of environmental education, resource management, conservation, clean technology, urban ecology, and alternative energy and should support the school’s teaching staff to infuse green content and assessments into all content areas. In addition, the Green Programming Director will work closely with the Director of College and Career Counseling to ensure that students have ample opportunities to explore careers in the green sector by bringing in guest speakers, organizing green jobs fairs and environmentally-­â€themed assemblies, and arranging internships and paid work experiences for students.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Developing and managing long-­â€term, strategic green partnerships and educational programs.
  2. Developing programming for student activities related to the green identity of the school.
  1. Collaborating with the Headmaster and the Development Coordinator to identify and apply for grants and other sources of financial and in-­â€kind resources for the school.
  2. Facilitating the Green Committee of the Leadership Team and providing regular reports to the Leadership Team about the green activities of the school.
  3. Participating in the Green Committee of the Board of Trustees and helping to identify and recruit Board members with substantial resources and experience in the field of sustainability.
  4. Writing environmental education curriculum and identifying curricular models that are consistent with the school’s course sequence and Common Core standards. Regularly meeting with academic content teams and identifying resources (i.e., materials, partnerships, and external learning opportunities) that are consistent with the curriculum in each content area.
  5. Serving as faculty co-­â€advisor to our student Green Team and support other student-­â€led initiatives related to sustainability.
  6. Serving as the school’s Recycling Coordinator.
  7. Collaborating with the Director of Budget and Operations and the entire school community to ensure that the school is employing green business practices and reducing its consumption of resources.
  8. Networking with other local and national green school organizations and corporate Green Teams; hosting and attending networking events and conferences to increase the school’s profile and capacity as a leader in environmental education.
  9. Collaborating with the Director of Family, Student, and Community Engagement to educate our families about relevant resources, opportunities, and practices that will empower them regarding environmental issues and sustainable life practices.
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Headmaster.


  • Experience in urban ecology, sustainability, clean energy/technology, environmental justice, and/or environmental education
  • Experience in developing the strategies and systems required for gathering resources, pursuing grant opportunities, and forming partnerships
  • Experience in establishing the systems required for documentation and record-­â€keeping, reporting, public engagement, and communications
  • Experience in curriculum writing, especially environmental education curriculum materials
  • Deep understanding of and commitment to Boston Green Academy’s mission, values, and educational model
  • Desire to be a part of a building a new school and to meet the challenges this poses
  • Ability to collaborate, work well under pressure, and maintain a sense of humor and humility


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with faculty, partners, and students in a diverse and multi-­â€cultural environment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Superlative organizational skills
  • Proficiency in Excel and other data management tools

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