General Education Teacher

Elementary School Teacher: General Education

Start Date: November 2013

Location: Harlem, NY

The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem has been chartered by the New York State Education Department and opened in Central Harlem in August 2012 with kindergarten and first grade. During the summer of 2013 we will grow to second grade and add a grade each year thereafter until the school accommodates scholars in kindergarten through eighth grade. The school has an accomplished and committed Board, which includes its two founders as well as a Head of School. We are looking for experienced educators who are excited by the challenge of being part of a new school and have the dedication and motivation to make it happen.

Mission of the School

Our mission is to provide the children of Harlem with new educational opportunities though a rigorous, comprehensive K-8 program that cultivates the intellectual, social and emotional development of each child. Our students, who will include high functioning children with autism spectrum disorders, will become independent learners and critical thinkers, will acquire the academic skills that they need to succeed in college preparatory high schools and will exhibit the social and emotional skills that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Teaching at The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem:

High quality, dedicated teachers who have a professional and personal dedication to student achievement are the single most important factor to the success of students and the school. Therefore, recruiting and selecting the best teaching staff is of paramount importance to our success.

Each of our teachers will be supported by:

  • Attending a new staff orientation
  • Professional development sessions that target:
    • Working with students with disabilities, specifically students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders
    • Conceptual understanding and planning using the Common Core Standards
    • Deep knowledge of the curricular programs used in the school
    • Delivery of instruction
    • Intensive methodology in scaffolding curriculum to meet diverse learners
    • Developing assessments to track effectiveness of lessons
    • Higher-order thinking
    • Inquiry-based learning
    • Classroom management
    • Including families as partners

Responsibilities of our Teaching Staff:

  • Belief System
    • Have an unyielding belief that all students will achieve
    • Desire to tailor instruction and “think outside of the box” to expose students to high quality and meaningful instruction at all times
  • Planning and Preparation
    • Set and hold students accountable for high academic and behavioral standards
    • Design rigorous, inquiry-based lessons that are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards, school curriculum and student IEPs.
    • Immediately adjust lessons and teaching style if it is not resulting in academic and emotional growth
    • Consider the various learning styles of students when planning and implement opportunities for all students to participate in every lesson
    • Design and implement IEPs, 504 plans and other documents associated with students with disabilities
    • Ensure compliance with all mandates including coordination of annual IEP review process
  • Delivery of Instruction
    • Deliver fast paced lessons that are stimulating and print-rich
  • Classroom Management and Classroom Culture
    • Maintain impeccable order in the classroom with clear expectations and routines
    • Develop and maintain a phenomenal room environment that is clean, organized and student centered
  • Developing as a Professional
    • Willingness to give and accept feedback in order to promote professional growth
    • Willingness to be a public learner and participate in learning opportunities with colleagues
  • Student Data and Assessments
    • Develop and implement frequent student assessments
    • Use informal and formal assessments to adjust teaching practices
    • Communicate assessment data with students, families
    • Maintain student portfolios
    • Create and implement performance based tasks for multiple subject areas
    • Participate in frequent review of student assessment data with supervisors
  • Professionalism and Skills
    • Impeccable teacher attendance and punctuality is expected
    • Superior communication skills
    • Strong work ethic

Educational Background and Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • New York State certification or eligible
  • Demonstrated success working with students
  • One year of teaching experience working an urban setting (preferred)
  • Knowledge and experience working with students with disabilities, specifically high-functioning autism spectrum disorders


We offer a very competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply

E-mail cover letter and resume to:

Please type “Special Education Teacher” in the subject line of your e-mail.

  • Please do not apply if you do not hold NYS teaching certification or are not eligible for NYS teaching certification through interstate reciprocity.
New York, New York
The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem