Full Time Program Director ; Part Time STEM Coaches; Part Time Assistant Coaches

In the coming months, CityScience will be hiring for these three positions:

Full Time Program Director – Manages, develops, and evaluates CityScience programs while providing administrative support and overseeing Part Time Coaches. Strong candidates have experience in program management and experience in formal or informal educational settings.

Part Time STEM Coaches – Provides weekly Coaching and professional development for middle school science teachers throughout year-long partnership engagements. Supports improved instruction by working individually and with teams of teachers in and outside of the classroom. Candidates must have a certification to teach science and experience working in urban schools.

Part Time Assistant Coaches – Assists in coordinating teaching materials for programs and occasionally teaches in after-school settings. Strong candidates have a passion for STEM, experience working with children, and are currently seeking their degrees in education, whether undergraduate or graduate.
Full job descriptions are attached to this email and candidates can contact me directly with their questions. All of my contact information is below.

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Thor Snilsberg
Executive Director

o: 347-875-6000 | c: 347-454-0088 | f: 347-230-5980
68 Jay Street, Suite 403, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

CityScience is committed to raising the quality of science education and supporting environmental stewardship. By using the natural and built environments as laboratories for active learning, we transform teaching to make science relevant and engaging for students.

Brooklyn, New York
Thor Snilsberg

68 Jay Street, Suite 403
Brooklyn, NY