Forestry Technician (Timber Sale Administration)

This position is a permanent, full-time appointment.

This position serves as the primary timber sale administrator on the Cumberland Ranger District for all commercial timber sales. The incumbent uses a thorough knowledge of the timber sale contract to insure compliance with all aspects of the project. Leads the layout and timber marking activities according to specifications in the decision document, sale plan and/or guidance from the incumbent’s supervisor.


Major Duties of the position’s target grade:


Reviews the contract and related pre-sale data such as preliminary logging plan, environment assessment report, appraisal, etc. Determines that all prerequisites to contract work are taken care of such as, but not limited to, advance deposits, delegations of authority, road construction and timber cutting coordination,

improvement locations, operating schedule, logging plan preparation, scaling arrangements, and environmental protection measures. Reviews plans and schedules with purchasers to assure common understanding of conditions and responsibilities. Develops a schedule and plan for continuing field inspection and control of purchaser’s operations such as falling, skidding and yarding, loading, and hauling. Determines whether utilization, slash disposal, and erosion control are adequate. Documents all findings for the sale record. Takes appropriate action to correct deficiencies, and assesses penalties when needed. Insures that stream courses and other land features are protected. Advises purchaser’s field representative of adequacy or inadequacy of operations and achieves compliance with contract terms,

including safety and employment requirements. Determines when log hauling may be allowed on system roads under construction, agreements, and monthly reports of progress. Initiates requests for payment, bond changes, or cooperative work. Reviews timber sale statements or account and maintains controls to insure that all payments and deposits are made. Coordinates sale administration duties with other unit timber and related activities. Keeps supervisor informed of major problems. Insures that all contractual obligations are met before making final inspection and recommending sale closure. As personnel are available and as workload requires, trains and provides work direction to one or two harvest inspectors who perform limited phases of sale administration.


Performs other work as required such as timber stand improvement, timber sale layout and preparation, s other contract administration duties, firefighting as qualified.


Additional information:


  • Comprehensive knowledge of practical forestry methods, techniques and practices including tree species identification, practical surveying, timber volume estimating log scaling, and slash disposal methods to locate points or lines on the ground; to evaluate utilization; to measure timber volume and assess penalties.
  • Thorough knowledge of logging equipment capabilities and applications and logging methods and their environmental impacts to evaluate operator practices.
  • Thorough knowledge of silvicultural prescriptions and presale documents as well as timber sale contract terms and conditions, including legal and regulatory controls over contract logging, to assure that obligations and rights of both parties are observed and compiled with.
  • Knowledge of applicable Agency land management and resource protection policies and of land management plans to recognize resource impacts of logging and consider these in timber sale administration.
  • Skills in written communications, math, and reporting procedures to prepare reports and records and maintain controls over accomplishments, payments, etc.
  • Knowledge and skill in oral communication and interpersonal relations to maintain open and effective communications with contractor’s representatives.
  • Knowledge of maps, data storage and retrieval, aerial photographs, and basic work planning and programming procedures.

If interested please complete the attached response form and return it to

Morehead, Kentucky
The Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Ranger District
James D. (Dave) Manner
(606) 784-6428
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