Forest Biologist

The Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW), Forest Ecosystem Function and Health Program, will soon be advertising for a term position (Biologist, GS-0401-09). This appointment, renewable annually up to four years depending on the funding, works in support of Resource Management and Use Research at the PSW Laboratory in Redding, California.  Duties include surveying, collecting, and analyzing field data, establishing test plots from designed experiments, operating complex equipment and equipment systems to collect plant physiological and ecological data, developing preliminary plans for improving the methods used in implementing biological programs, leading temporary summer employees, and carrying out the full range of technical duties common to a specialty area, including both standard and non-standard assignments. A master degree with one degree in forestry or related natural resources is preferred. The basic knowledge of plant ecophysiology instrumentation is required. The person is expected to be a team player.  U.S. Citizenship is required.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send Dr. Jianwei Zhang (<> ) an e-mail by November 21, 2012. (Please include “Biologist” on the subject line of your message). Please include your name, address, phone number, and your experience in the areas of tree ecophysiology and forest mensuration. The term position will be advertised on the OPM USA Jobs website<> shortly.

Redding, California
U.S. Forest Service
Dr. Jianwei Zhang