Field Technicians/Botanists (Seasonal)

Job Title:  Field Technicians/Botanists (3 positions)
Series and Grade: 0404 and GS 3 or 4, Temporary ( $11.95 or $13.41/hr)
Location (Duty Station):  Morgantown, WV
Time Period:  Mid-May – mid August, 2013, possible earlier start dates in April and extensions through September for one or more of the 3 three positions

Duties:  The selected persons will assist in surveying 56 research plots for three invasive plant species.  The goal of this project is to evaluate invasive species growth and survival in sites with 1) no treatment, 2) prescribed burn, 3) shelterwood harvest, and 4) diameter-limit harvest, all with and without deer herbivory control. The research plots are located in WV, OH, and VA.  A second project will require re-sampling 24 clear-cut forests in WV that are now 25 years old since the initial harvest.  A third project consists of evaluating competitive interactions between tree of heaven and black locust sites in WV.

While botanical and taxonomic skills are not required, a strong interest in understory vegetation and ability to learn to identify these plants is necessary.  Good orienteering skills are desired.  There will also be a need to tear down, establish, and re-establish some plots which could require carrying relatively heavy equipment in and out of sites on variable terrain.  Those selected may also help with greenhouse, growth chamber, and common garden studies as well as enter data, and mount herbarium specimens.

The selected persons must be willing to relocate to Morgantown, WV.  They must also be a licensed driver, willing to travel extensively (with reimbursement and in provided government vehicles), and able to drive 4WD vehicles.  Willingness to work in rough terrain and in over-grown vegetation with the possibility of encountering insects, ticks, snakes, and black bears, as well as in all kinds of weather is required.  The persons should also work well independently as well as with others.

Application Procedure: The vacancy announcements for these positions are posted at<>  under TEMPOCR-0404-03-GEN-DT and TEMPOCR-0404-4-PLANTS-DT. Search on these job titles, with Morgantown, WV as your location. Those who wish to be considered for these positions must apply by March 4, 2013.   All qualified applicants who have applied to the announcement on or before March 4, 2013 will be considered.  Before applying, you will need to set up your account on the USAJobs website.  Be sure to include WV in your desired localities and to apply to both the 03 and 04, if you wish to be considered for both grade levels.

Please also submit your resume to Dr. Cynthia Huebner, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, 180 Canfield St., Morgantown, WV 26505,<>; (304) 285-1582 by March 4, 2013 or preferably earlier so that your application status can be confirmed.

Contact Dr. Huebner if you have questions.


Morgantown, West Virginia
U.S. Forest Service
Dr. Cynthia Huebner