Field Technicians (Seasonal)

Interested in climate change and its effect on various species? Come to the mountainous Idaho panhandle and join an effort to collect climate data and conduct surveys for a variety of species that no one has looked for in years.  Spend your days hiking and exploring coniferous forests, spruce bogs and alpine lakes. Spend your nights camping under the stars. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) is seeking approximately 15 field technicians and 3-5 crew leaders for the Multi-species Baseline Initiative (MBI) 2013 summer field season.

Technicians will conduct surveys for taxon such as gastropods, insects, and amphibians and will co-locate climate loggers on survey plots. Duties may include setting gastropod cover traps, digging pitfall traps, conducting timed searches for gastropods and other invertebrate species, collecting and preserving gastropod and insect specimens,  collecting water samples, dip netting for amphibians and recording all observations of species of interest.  Plots are accessed by driving 4×4 trucks on unimproved mountain roads and hiking with a heavy pack (≥30lbs) off-trail through dense brush and rough terrain.

Crew leaders will be responsible for 3-5 technicians, in addition to conducting their own surveys. Crew leaders’ duties may include ensuring correct plot set up, data accuracy, technician safety, training and gear allocation among other obligations.

All employees will be required to work alone during the day and therefore, must be self-sufficient and comfortable working alone and as part of a team. All employees must also be willing to work long hours in variable weather conditions (rain, snow, wind) and biting animals (mosquitos, black flies, grizzly bears). Primitive camping, often without phone service and facilities, will be required. When not in the field, technicians will be organizing samples and entering data. Work schedule will be 9 days on and 5 days off. Pay will start at $12.31/hour for technicians and $14.81/hour for crew leaders. Positions will start in early May (with some starting in early-April) and will continue through August.

Qualifications: Applicants must be physically fit, self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and be able to work independently. Desired qualifications include: 1) the ability to camp and work alone in grizzly bear country, 2) experience navigating primitive dirt roads and cross country with maps, compasses and GPS units, and 3) the ability to accurately collect data with an attention to detail. Applicants should have at least one season of field work experience and some college level natural resource-related course work. Taxonomic knowledge of gastropods, insects, other invertebrates, amphibians, and reptiles would be beneficial, but not required.

Those wishing to be considered for the crew leader positions must also have at least three seasons of field work experience and previous experience in a leadership position.  Previous experience leading field crews would be beneficial. Competition for the crew leader positions will be fierce. Please indicate in your cover letter if you would still be interested in a technician position if the crew leader positions are filled.

To Apply:  For all positions no later than February 20, email a resume, contact information for 3 professional references and a  cover letter specifically illustrating your worst day in the field, previous experience camping and working independently (500 words or less). Those wishing to be considered for the crew leader position should also include a description of your previous leadership experience in the cover letter. Please send all documents in ONE document to:

Shannon Ehlers

Wildlife Research Biologist

Idaho Department of Fish and Game


Boise, Idaho
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Shannon Ehlers