Family Life & Sexuality Education Teacher (Harlem, NY)

Family Life & Sexuality Education Teacher (Harlem, NY)

Job Description

DESCRIPTION: CAS seeks a full-time sexual health educator to teach the Family Life and Sex Education (FLSE) curriculum to middle school classes during the school day.

(NY DOE certification/file number required)


– Teach holistic sexuality education to adolescents based on the Carrera FLSE curriculum, emphasizing sexual literacy, puberty, decision-making, body image, abstinence, and roles and relationship. – Provide confidential individual counseling and follow-up on an on-going basis. – Refer and collaborate with mental health team in the program model. – Refer and collaborate with medical team to ensure comprehensive and continual reproductive health services. – Conduct FLSE educational workshops for participants’ parents. – Maintain confidential and secured recording of health counseling, case notes and profiles in unique Carrera database system. – Assist in conducting testing and other data collection for program monitoring and evaluation.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: – Design, plan, and facilitate engaging and dynamic activities and opportunities for groups of young people within the school day. – Collaborate with other specialists to facilitate integrated learning across components. – Submit monthly calendar of activities and quarterly program outlines and plans, monthly reports and daily attendance logs. – Meet with Program Director and Sexuality Trainer for regular supervision. -Participate in staff meetings, CAS trainings, component-based technical assistance and other forums as necessary.

Skills Required

  • – Have two years experience as a family life educator and/or an adolescent sexuality educator and/or counselor.
  • – Be dedicated to working with youth and have long-term engagement and communication skills with students in middle and high school.
  • -Be a results-driven educator with experience in, and commitment to, standards-based curriculum and the use of data and assessments to drive instructional decisions.
  • – Demonstrate ability to work with students of a variety of abilities, including those with special needs and low skill levels in a heterogeneously grouped classroom setting.
  • – Posses a proven ability to work well with families and community members.
  • -Be technologically proficient with a basic understanding of data input, management and analysis.
  • -Have a professional demeanor, strong work ethic, detail-driven work style with excellent organizational skills.
  • -Have the ability to prioritize, multi-task, delegate, and lead by example.
  • – Be committed to providing holistic, comprehensive and age/stage appropriate sexual and reproductive health education.
  • – Have at least two years of urban teaching experience. Special Education background preferred.

(NY DOE certification/file number required)

Education Required

Bachelors required, Masters (MPH, MSW, etc) preferred. Location: Harlem New York, 10026, United States

(NY DOE certification/file number required)

Harlem, New York
Children's Aid Society- National Training Center

350 East 88th Street, New York, NY, 10026, US