Executive Director

Hearth Connection, a nonprofit intermediary between government and local nonprofits to end homelessnessinMinnesota, seeks an Executive Director. Our mission is to build relationships, resources, infrastructure, and understanding, so that no one in Minnesota remains homeless, and people who were homeless can prosper.


Hearth Connection collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders, nonprofits, government, and health care entities to offer lasting solutions to homelessness. For over a decade, we have provided administrative support, fiscal oversight, and research to the state’s largest network of supportive housing. Our current focus is testing and disseminating scalable innovations that strengthen and distinguish our supportive housing approach. Finding ways to improve the efficiency of integrating supportive housing with health care systems is our current priority.

Hearth Connection serves as an intermediary between funders and a spectrum of community-based organizations offering supportive housing. Annually we secure over $10 million in federal, state, local, and health care system funding and disperse the funds to a network of 28 nonprofit organizations and two Tribal Bands in Minnesota to expand the supply of supportive housing. We use a custom database (called Co-Pilot) that allows us to analyze and research the outcomes of our programs to ensure accountability and effectiveness. Through our network of providers, Hearth Connection has supported 2,200 men, women, youth, and children. Our program yields tremendous success for people who have experienced long-term homelessness. We have demonstrated it is possible to end homelessness one participant at a time.


The ideal candidate for this position will be a multi-dimensional, nimble, thoughtful, and entrepreneurial leader who addresses challenges at the intersection of public policy and the delivery of housing, health, and human services. He or she will have experience working within a big tent, encompassing a wide variety of relationships, sectors, and players.

A finely-honed strategic sense is essential. The Executive Director must be able to understand and analyze complex policy and public financing issues and communicate them effectively to others with different perspectives.

The Executive Director must lead within and without the organization. He or she must combine the skills of an entrepreneur, a manager of people and finances, a collaborator, and an advocate.


  1. Operationalize the mission of the organization by overseeing the design, funding, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of ground-breaking programs, products, and services.
  2. Develop and communicate a vision and strategies for ending homelessness in Minnesota, in collaboration with stakeholders; inspire others and secure and organize the resources necessary to achieve that vision.
  3. Develop and implement Hearth Connection’s financial strategy, including obtaining private and public dollars to finance the activities of the organization, managing the funds to achieve organizational goals cost-effectively, positioning the organization for growth, and seeking opportunities to increase the accomplishments of the organization.
  4. Oversee the organization’s programmatic vision that coordinated service delivery (including primary providers, other community supports, supportive housing, and participant self-determination) will result in positive outcomes for participants.
  5. Maintain effective relationships with public and private funders and partners in the delivery of services to project participants andoversee audits and contracts between Hearth Connection and network providers and funders.
  6. Develop and maintain relationships with local and national stakeholders including funders, public officials, advocacy organizations, provider organizations, health care delivery organizations and insurers, and other leaders in the community working to end homelessness.
  7. Ensure implementation of systems to evaluate whether the organization is achieving its mission, including to what degree the organization contributes to improving the lives of participants, and whether the services are provided cost-effectively.
  8. Ensure implementation of Hearth Connection’s consumer involvement strategy to get consumer feedback on the organization’s strategies.
  9. Effectively manage human resources to achieve the mission of the organization, including hiring and supervising staff and consultants, and working well with Board of Directors.

Each year the Executive Director, in consultation with the Board of Directors, will set specific goals to carry out these responsibilities.


Relationships and Leadership

  • Demonstrated leadership ability, including supervisory experience, and experience working in collaboration with multiple parties with diverse interests.
  • Experience forming and maintaining strong working relationships with a variety of stakeholders. Understand when to lead and when to let others lead.
  • Ability to contribute to the team approach of the organization. Ability to support the contributions of other members of the team.
  • Strong negotiating skills, with demonstrated experience arriving at solutions that satisfy the interests of diverse stakeholders.


  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Experience with public speaking, persuasion, and advocacy.
  • Strong influencing skills both within and outside the organization. Ability to drive consensus.
  • Experience using social media to promote the brand and vision of an organization.

Strategy and Management

  • Ability to identify trends and collaboratively develop strategies to address needs.
  • Experience in management within complex organizational structures focused on meeting outcome measures.


  • Experience in fiscal management, including complex financial statements, budgets, and contracts. Ability to manage risk and envision payment models that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated fundraising ability in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Policy and Program

  • Programmatic leadership experience including policy development.
  • Experience with legislative advocacy.

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to empathize and communicate effectively with people who are homeless.
  • Ability to demonstrate grace under pressure.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive materials and information.


  • Knowledge of health care finance and government health care programs.
  • Knowledge of solutions to homelessness, including services, funding streams, advocacy, and state and federal policy regarding supportive housing, homelessness and poverty.
  • Experience with public policy development and knowledge of county and state social service funding streams.
  • Experience working with media and advocacy campaigns.
  • Sensitivity to and competence in offering inclusive services to poor, marginalized, and socially isolated populations and protected class persons under federal, state, and local laws.

The knowledge base and expertise required for this position may be acquired by a combination of education and work experience.

Must be able to travel within the Twin Cities on a regular basis and within the state and country occasionally to build relationships and accomplish work objectives. This position requires public speaking and the ability to regularly use the computer and telephone.


  • Initiative: Demonstrates initiative and leadership; takes responsibility for outcomes; motivates others; is results focused.
  • Relationships: Builds trust based relationships; supports teamwork and collaboration. Anticipates, understands and meets the needs of Hearth Connection stakeholders/ customers/participants, and seeks to incorporate their feedback regularly.
  • Values: Acts fairly and with honesty and integrity; manages community investments in Hearth Connection responsibly. Promotes a diverse environment in which people recognize and achieve their own potential and appreciate the perspectives and contributions of others.
  • Decision making: Uses data for decision making; analyzes issues; is persistent and creative in problem solving; handles complexity well.
  • Communication: Demonstrates an understanding of Hearth Connection service model and the role of an intermediary, conveys the mission and inspires others; expresses ideas and information accurately and concisely, in writing and orally, and listens well to others.

The statements above are not intended to list all functions and qualifications of this position. Rather, they provide a general framework of the requirements of the position.

Hearth Connection is committed to affirmative action and to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of its relations with staff members and prospective employees. Hearth Connection does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, citizenship, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, HIV status, AIDS diagnosis, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, political beliefs, military status, marital status, familial status, income, status with regard to public assistance, participation in local human rights activities, or any other attribute or characteristic protected from discrimination by federal, state or local laws.

How to apply

Send resume to

Julie Jones at Hearth Connection, 2446 University Avenue, #150, St. Paul, MN 55114 or julie@hearthconnection.org

St. Paul, Minnesota
Hearth Connection
Julie Jones

2446 University Avenue W, Suite 150, Saint Paul, MN, 55114, US