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Executive Director ; VTV Family Outreach Foundation

On April 16, 2007, we lost 32 beautiful souls. Families of the victims and survivors bonded together to create the VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

The VTV Family Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established by families and survivors directly impacted by the April 16, 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech. Determined to prevent a similar tragedy, the Foundation advocates for campus safety and security by focusing on issues of mental health, bullying, privacy laws and information sharing, and supporting programs to create positive change in behavior.

The Foundation’s mission is to assist victims of campus crime and their families. Educating communities through service in athletics and the arts and facilitating dialogue between individuals, organizations, government agencies and legislatures, the Foundation intends to create a safer academic environment and a caring culture on campuses.

Executive Director Job Description

The VTV Family Outreach Foundation is looking to fill the position of Executive Director. The Executive Director will serve as the chief staff officer and strategic leader of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation (“the Foundation”). The responsibilities of the Executive Director include but are not limited to:

Board of Director Interaction

The Executive Director will represent the Foundation through interactions with the Board of Directors. As the primary point of interaction, the Executive Director’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensures that the Board is kept fully informed of operations of the Foundation and of significant issues or conditions that may affect the Foundation.
  • Develops recommends and, upon Board approval, implements short-term and long-term strategic plans and implements other Board decisions.
  • Responsible for fulfillment of and compliance with all applicable laws, legal requirements and Foundation Bylaws and Employee Manual.
  • In cooperation with the President, coordinates Board activities and sets Board meeting agendas.
  • Assists with orientation and training programs for the Board and Staff
  • Prepares reports and performs other Board duties as requested.

Financial Affairs

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall Profit and Loss responsibility for the Foundation. Additionally, the Executive Director will:

  • Maintains overall responsibility for preparing and managing the Foundation budget(s). Oversees the development and management of appropriate budgetary and financial controls and procedures.
  • Develops, recommends, and upon Board approval, implements plans and programs to obtain financial resources for Foundation activities.
  • Personally reviews all incoming revenue and disbursements made of Foundation funds for all purposes.

Foundation Staff

The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership and management of all Foundation personnel. As the leader of the Foundation staff the Executive Director’s duties include:

  • Responsible for all personnel matters, including hiring, supervision, performance appraisal, salary administration and termination of staff and consultants in consultation and prior review by the Performance Review Committee
  • Recommends to the Board the compensation, benefits and working conditions of the staff.
  • Serves as the point of contact from the staff to the Board.

Administrative Operations

The Executive Director is responsible for managing the operations of the Foundation. The Executive director will ensure that all administrative activities related to the Foundation’s operations are being performed as required/prescribed. Administrative activities may include:

  • Develops Foundation policies and procedures as needed and oversees office support services.
  • Manages the business affairs of the Foundation, including, but not limited to contract negotiations, vendor relations, property, insurance, record keeping, accounting, and database management.


The Executive Director will be ultimately responsible for the identification and management of the Foundations program activity. The Executive Director will ensure that the programs are being develop and managed in accordance with the Foundation strategy and any other guidelines/ policies/ requirements that otherwise may be required, including:

  • Assists with coordination and development of fund raising, public relations and marketing.
  • Oversees, develops, recommends and, upon Board approval, implements a variety of programs and services that are designed to meet the needs and interests of the VTV Family and other important constituencies. This may include, but is not limited to, humanitarian assistance, education, special events and governmental advocacy.
  • Ensures that Foundation programs are consistent with the highest professional standards.
  • Maintains continual awareness of the Foundation’s committee activities and reports relevant information to the President.
  • Manages volunteer activities in coordination with the Director of Development


External Relations

The Executive Director is responsible for representing and managing perception of the Foundation with outside parties and groups. As such:

  • The Executive Director represents – or arranges for representation of – the Foundation with local, state, regional and national bodies of media.
  • The Executive Director represents – or arranges for representation of the Foundation with government, sponsors and other outside organizations.
  • The Executive Director develops, recommends and, upon Board approval, implements other plans and programs for Foundation outreach, community relations, legislative initiatives, communications and public relations.


Bachelor’s Degree is required, an advanced degree is preferred.

Supervisory experience is required.

Experience in the following sectors is preferred: Non-profit management, Higher Education, Governmental Affairs/Public Policy.

Experience and proficiency in the following areas is preferred: Accounting/Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership/Organizational Development, Program Management, Grant Management, Fundraising.

This position is located in the Greater Washington DC Metro area. Domestic travel may be required.

How to apply

For more information or to apply email: jobs@vtvfamilyfoundation.org

Washington,, District of Columbia
VTV Family Outreach Foundation