Executive Director


The Confluence Project employs place-based art as the lens through which to explore confluences of culture, environment, and regional heritage of the Columbia River and its tributaries. Since 2002, our nonprofit has worked to reclaim public spaces of cultural, physical, and ecological significance to the Columbia River Basin through the collaborative effort of Pacific Northwest Tribes, internationally-acclaimed artist Maya Lin, and with local communities and civic groups from Oregon and Washington. We do this through public art installations, environmental restoration, and educational programming.

Now in the final stage of our capital campaign, Confluence has raised over $30 million to date, and it has re-invested that funding back into communities along the river. Four of the six planned sites featuring art by Maya Lin have been completed, with the fifth site fully funded and in the final stages of permitting. In 2010, these sites served more than 1.7 million visitors at Cape Disappointment State Park (Ilwaco, WA), Vancouver Land Bridge (Vancouver, WA), Sandy River Delta (Troutdale, OR), Sacajawea State Park (Pasco, WA). Construction at Chief Timothy Park (Clarkston, WA) will begin in 2014 and at Celilo Park (The Dalles, OR) in 2015. This work is the result of the strong community ties Confluence has built between public agencies, schools, local tribes, and civic and arts groups that have translated into lasting partnerships. Confluence Project tells an inclusive story of the river and its indigenous communities, increasing awareness and understanding through the powerful act of discovery, and galvanizing support to sustain the region’s natural and cultural treasures.

The Executive Director (ED) serves as the leader of the organization and its primary public representative, reporting to the board of directors. The ED works in partnership with the board to ensure that the organization fulfills its mission and to create strategies that ensure its future success. The ED is accountable for the programmatic and fiscal integrity of the organization in keeping with the philosophy set by the Board of Directors.


The ED must have, at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in business, non-profit management, or a related field and five years’ experience or equivalent experience in areas of management, marketing and development. Experience in nonprofit management is preferred. The ED must demonstrate leadership, organizational and administrative skills including leading and directing professionals working collaboratively with budget planning and control, staff development, fundraising, Board development and public relations.

Abilities and Requirements

  • Ability to present ideas, concepts and principles in a manner that motivates and excites people.
  • Ability to travel throughout Oregon and Washington, and to other locations to represent Confluence Project.
  • Connections or ability to cultivate relationships with local, state and federal government agencies.
  • Knowledge of Oregon and Washington communities and established community contacts will be considered a strong plus.
  • Relationships or ability to develop relationships with regional arts, culture, heritage and tourism leaders.

Summary of Position and Responsibilities

The Confluence Project Executive Director supervises and manages all of the business and affairs of Confluence Project, providing leadership and vision across the organization and to outside constituents. The ED cultivates major donors and ensures the financial integrity of the organization. The ED ensures that Confluence Project operates in an ethical manner, meeting all workplace requirements and organizational standards.


  • Collaborates with the Board to define and articulate the organization’s vision and to develop strategies for achieving that vision
  • Creates annual operating plans that support strategic direction set by the Board and correlate with annual operating budgets; submits annual plans to the board for approval
  • Develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization
  • Develops future leadership within the organization


  • Oversees the operations of organization and manages its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Creates and maintains procedures for implementing plans approved by the Board of Directors
  • Promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity
  • Hires, manages, and fires the human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations
  • Ensures that staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information
  • Evaluates the organization’s and the staff’s performance on a regular basis

Financial Stewardship

  • Oversees staff in developing annual budgets that support operating plans and submits budgets for Board approval
  • Prudently manages the organization’s resources within budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
  • Ensures that staff practices all appropriate accounting procedures in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Provides prompt, thorough, and accurate information to keep the Board appropriately informed of the organization’s financial position

Fund Raising

  • Develops fund raising strategies with the Board and supports the Board in fund raising activities
  • Serves as a primary person in donor relationships and the person to make one-on-one fund raising solicitations
  • Oversees staff in the timely submission grant applications and progress reports for funders

Community Relationships

  • Serves as the primary spokesperson and representative for the organization
  • Assures that the organization and its mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders
  • Actively advocates for the organization, its beliefs, and its programmatic efforts
  • Acts as a liaison between the organization and the community, building relationships with peer organizations when appropriate

Programmatic Effectiveness

  • Oversees design, delivery, and quality of programs and services
  • Stays abreast of current trends related to the organization’s products and services and anticipates future trends likely to have an impact on its work
  • Collects and analyzes evaluation information that measures the success of the organization’s program efforts; refines or changes programs in response to that information

Board Support and Leadership

  • Supports operations and administration
  • Advises the Board in the development of policies and planning recommendations
  • Assists in the selection and evaluation of Board members and Board leadership
  • Makes recommendations and supports the Board during orientation and self-evaluation
  • Supports and participates in the Board’s evaluation of the ED

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to: ED@confluenceproject.org

Vancouver, Washington
The Confluence Project

1701 Broadway, #144, Vancouver, Washington, 98663, United States