Executive Director


Executive Director – Position Responsibilities

In the broadest terms, the Executive Director of the Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust (SSLT) will be responsible for hiring and supervising staff, have proven fundraising and budgeting experience, excellent leadership and communication skills, a solid knowledge of land conservation, and the ability to work well with a variety of people.

General Responsibilities:
The Executive Director is responsible for administrating and coordinating projects, identifying, researching and developing new projects, and managing staff and budget. The Executive Director works with (1) the Development Committee to organize and implement community outreach and public awareness of the land trust, and fundraising activities, (2) the Budget and Finance Committee and Treasurer to manage the Land Trust’s budget and finances, (3) the Land Committee to evaluate properties and stewardship issues, (4) the Executive Committee to develop work plans to achieve strategic plan and oversee action implementation, and (5) the Land Trust legal counsel and accountant to ensure the organization is operating in accordance with Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Provides leadership in all fundraising areas to maintain and increase overall revenues
  • Develops strategies for identifying, cultivating and soliciting new donors as well as renewing existing donors including major donor campaigns, corporate solicitations, direct-mail campaigns
  • Updates and improves donor and potential donor records
  • Coordinates all fundraising activities closely with the Development Committee
  • Prepares fundraising materials
  • Seeks grant opportunities, prepares and submits grant applications for government, foundation, and corporate grants as well as follow up reports
  • Updates the website with assistance from the web site developer

    Land Conservation and Restoration

  • Provides leadership in representing SSLT to landowners interested in exploring conservation options for their land
  • Identifies conservation values for landowners wishing to protect their property and negotiate terms and conditions under a conservation easement
  • Performs or assists in the preparation of conservation easements and accompanying baseline documentation
  • Has a working knowledge of land conservation transactions including purchases and donations of fee interests
  • Oversees staff, contract workers, and volunteers to ensure the proper stewardship of protected lands is performed


Outreach and Development Responsibilities

  • Activates and energizes the Development Committee; looks for new members to add to the committee
  • Works with the Development Committee to organize and implement fundraising activities and events
  • Works with the Development Committee to communicate SSLT’s activities and successes to the public and our donors, through press releases, public meetings, newsletters, website, emails, letters and other methods
  • Prepares the SSLT newsletter with assistance from contracted professional


  • Ensures the efficient and effective management and operation of the SSLT office (especially the financial records, tracking systems, and production of key conservation documents)
  • Develops an annual Executive Director’s work plan with the SSLT’s Executive Committee for financial management, fundraising, conservation and related areas
  • Works with the Board and committees to establish objectives, funding needs and sources, budgets and financial/administrative criteria for success in land conservation
  • Prepares regular reports to the Board on financial, administrative and fundraising activities as they relate to the overall goals of the SSLT
  • Assists the Board with an annual evaluation of all activities
  • Manages the production of clerical documents and financial reports

    Financial Management

  • Works with the Executive Committee and Treasurer to manage the SSLT’s finances and operational budget
  • Prepares the SSLT’s annual budget proposal to Board for approval
  • Prepares the SSLT annual report
  • Ensures proper fiscal and administrative procedures are followed
  • Manages PacifiCorp contracts with the SSLT
  • Tracks contracts, especially financial status, draw-down amounts, deadlines, progress reports for funders, and other key items
  • Maintains payable, receivable and payroll files with help from SSLT bookkeeper
  • Maintains receipt and disbursement reports, general ledgers, etc.
  • Submits quarterly financial reports and year-end financial reports to the Board
  • Works with contracted CPA to file 990 anuual tax report and similar reports
  • Makes recommendations to the SSLT Board on how to improve financial records, financial efficiency and effectiveness


  • Identifies financial and fundraising training needs within the SSLT
  • Identifies professional training opportunities
  • Trains SSLT staff, volunteers and contract employees as necessary
  • Provides financial and fundraising information and training materials to the Development

    Committee and the Board as necessary

    Additional duties, responsibilities and/or opportunities may be identified by the Executive Director or the Board. These will be performed with approval or as requested by the Board.

  • How to Apply: Forward cover letter, resume and three references to Garry Ratzlaff via email: garry@ddcllc.net or by mail to P.O. Box 1404, Pocatello, ID 83204. In the cover letter, outline experience and education which qualify the applicant for this position.


Pocatello, Idaho
Sagebrush Steppe Land Trust
Garry Ratzlaff