ESL Primary School Teacher

Description of the Organization:

UPAVIM’s mission is to empower women in the neighborhood of La Esperanza, located on the outskirts of Guatemala City, by giving them opportunities to economically support their families, while also providing services to improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Over the past 25 years, UPAVIM has grown from a small baby-weighing program to a women’s cooperative employing over 100 local women and making handmade fair-trade crafts sold around the world. The proceeds from these crafts pay the women’s salaries, fund UPAVIM’s community health clinic, and fund UPAVIM’s school, which includes a daycare, pre-school, and elementary school (K-6th). In addition, the organization manages the first public library in the neighborhood, offers free English classes and tutoring for all ages, and runs a bakery and soy factory to provide fresh and affordable goods to the community. Please find out more by visiting

Description of Positions:

In 2002 UPAVIM’s school was established to offer the children of La Esperanza and neighboring communities a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring atmosphere to learn and grow. Students are taught to resolve interpersonal conflicts, to make decisions as a group with consideration for individual needs, to respect their peers without discriminating according to race or gender, and to give back to their community and their country.

In January 2013, the English Program expanded from a 30-minute class to a full-day Bilingual Immersion Program. This program not only broadens the future education and employment opportunities of UPAVIM’s children, but it also doubles the number of hours students are in school, keeping them away from the gang violence that is present on the streets of La Esperanza. To find out more about the English Program, please visit

A highly motivated bilingual (Spanish/English) teacher is needed for February 2014. The teacher will teach reading and conversation ESL classes to grades 3rd -6th. The English teacher will work full-time Monday-Friday based upon the Guatemalan school schedule. The goal for the position is to teach students how to express and understand concepts in English while also encouraging a passion for learning. This is an excellent opportunity to teach English abroad and take part in the transformation of this community.


  • B.A. in Education or ESL
  • Minimum 1+ year classroom experience
  • Experience or desire to live and work in an impoverished urban area
  • Complete fluency in spoken and written English
  • Intermediate level of spoken and written Spanish
  • Formal ESL or EFL training (not required, but preferred)
  • Desire to live and work with the women and children of La Esperanza
  • Ability to commit for a minimum of 9 months starting February 2014


  • $250 monthly stipend (this is enough to live comfortably in La Esperanza as a monthly food budget costs about $60)
  • Free housing in the UPAVIM building
  • Lunch from the UPAVIM kitchen Monday through Friday
  • Additionally, teachers may use their time with UPAVIM for academic credit, fieldwork and research.

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to UPAVIM’s English Program Coordinator, Mariah Horrigan at

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala,
Mariah Horrigan

UPAVIM, Calle Principal, Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala