Environmental Analyst

The Monitoring, Assessment and Planning Program (MAPP) is seeking an energetic individual with hydrologic training to assist the Watershed Management Division’s efforts to implement the Vermont Surface Water Management Strategy. The MAPP supports a dynamic and integrative work environment that provides surface water monitoring, assessment, analyses, and watershed management planning services to the regulatory, implementation and planning efforts in the Division and across ANR. This is an exciting opportunity to work across many programs to protect, maintain, enhance, and restore surface waters in Vermont. The position duties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Technical analyses associated with watershed hydrology in support of regulatory and compliance reviews for hydropower, water withdrawals, stormwater, reservoir and lake management, floodplain management, and erosion hazard management in Act 250/Section 248 proceedings, Water Quality Remediation Plans, Division review of ski area master planning, Clean Water Act §401 Water Quality Certifications, and other regulatory reviews.
  • The position will assist in development of hydrologic standards in the Vermont Stormwater Manual and work with designated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer municipalities to provide expertise in the review of flow restoration plans, technical assistance in the design of flow gauging and associated data management, and in determining short-term hydrologic indicators of compliance with the MS4 permit.
  • The position will provide technical support for reservoir and lake management, including water level management, water budgeting, lag-time evaluations, evaporation loses, and reservoir sediment discharge studies.
  • The position will assist with stream gaging for minimum flow determinations, to assist MS4s with flow monitoring requirements, and to support the determination of nutrient loading to target surface waters of interest to the Division, specifically including development of hydrologic components of a TMDL for phosphorus pollution in Lake Memphremagog. During flood recovery efforts in Vermont, the position would acquire flood high water marks and conduct post flood analyses in coordination with the U.S. Geological Survey, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    Minimum qualifications and skills are described completely in the online position description (link below), but include: a bachelor’s degree in a biological-life or physical science, engineering, or an environmental or natural resources field, and four years of relevant experience; or, a Master’s degree in an environmental or natural resources field, and two years relevant experience.

Desirable skills and qualifications include:

  • Familiarity with developing flow duration curves, stage-storage curves, stage-discharge rating curves, inflow volume hydrographs, water balance calculations, open channel hydraulics, and fluvial geomorphology;
  • Familiarity with numerical and statistical hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and analyses techniques, including exposure to current software applications such as: HEC-HMS, TR-55, Hydro-CAD, HEC-SSP, PeakFQ, and HEC-RAS;
  • Familiarity with U S Geological Survey and other methods for stream gauging, water load estimation, and pollutant load estimation.
  • Familiarity with requirements of the Vermont Municipal Separate Storm Sewer permit program, specifically regarding flow restoration planning.
  • Understanding of lake and reservoir dynamics, including hydrodynamic and nutrient modeling approaches.
  • Understanding of Federal and State regulatory processes such as NPDES stormwater, §401 certification, Act 250 Land Use, Vermont Wetland, and §404 permitting.

Applicants should attach a resume and one page cover letter to their standard application. Only online applications are accepted, at WWW.CAREERS.VT.GOV, referencing position listing 31553. Applications are due by Friday. March 1, COB.

For additional information, contact:
Neil Kamman, Manager, MAPP, Neil.kamman@state.vt.us

Montpelier, Vermont
VT Department of Environmental Conservation, Watershed Management Division
Neil Kamman