English Program Coordinator

Description of the Organization:

UPAVIM’s mission is to empower women in the neighborhood of La Esperanza, located on the outskirts of Guatemala City, by giving them opportunities to economically support their families, while also providing services to improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Over the past 25 years, UPAVIM has grown from a small baby-weighing program to a women’s cooperative employing over 100 local women and making handmade fair-trade crafts sold around the world. The proceeds from these crafts pay the women’s salaries, fund UPAVIM’s community health clinic, and fund UPAVIM’s school, which includes a daycare, pre-school, and elementary school (K-6th). In addition, the organization manages the first public library in the neighborhood, offers free English classes and tutoring for all ages, and runs a bakery and soy factory to provide fresh and affordable goods to the community. Please find out more by visiting www.upavim.org.

Description of Position:

In 2002 UPAVIM’s school was established to offer the children of La Esperanza and neighboring communities a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring atmosphere to learn and grow. An English Program was launched in 2008 which incorporated a half hour of English into the 5-hour school day. In 2013, the program expanded and now consists of a half-day of English immersion classes for Montessori through grade 1. Grades 2 – 6 also receive one hour of conversational English every day. This program not only broadens the future education and employment opportunities of UPAVIM’s children, but it also increased the school day to 8 hours, keeping students away from the gang violence that is present on the streets of La Esperanza. To find out more about the English Program, please visit www.upavim.org/programs/the-english-program

A highly motivated English Program Coordinator is needed to start June 23, 2014. The coordinator will develop, guide and oversee the daily functions of the program. Resposibilities of the English Program coordinator will include:

  • Managing, observing and reviewing English Program teachers
  • Classroom support
  • Curriculum Development
  • Liaising between English Program staff, UPAVIM CAA school director, UPAVIM and the Board
  • Resource development and maintenance of the resource room
  • Scheduling
  • Organizing and facilitating weekly English Program meetings
  • Organizing and facilitating monthly professional development opportunities
  • Fostering and maintaining relationships between the school and other Guatemalan schools to develop opportunites for UPAVIM’s students to continue their education
  • Managing the English Program Budget, sending quarterly reports to the board
  • Hiring future English teachers


  • Bacherlor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Three years teaching experience
  • Spoken, written and reading fluency in both English and Spanish
  • Curriculum development experience
  • Management experience
  • Desire to live and work in an impoverished urban area
  • Patient and adaptable to change
  • Experience working in a non-profit organization preferred
  • Experience living abroad is preferred
  • Commitment of 15 months minimum preferred


  • Living stipend available and a small financial bonus if 15 month commitment is fulfilled
  • Free housing in the UPAVIM building
  • Breakfast and lunch from the UPAVIM kitchen Monday through Friday

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to UPAVIM’s Volunteer Coordinator, Janessa Landeck at volunteerupavim@gmail.com.

Guatemala City, Departamento de Guatemala, Guatemala,
Janessa Landeck

UPAVIM, Calle Principal, Guatemala City, Departamento de Guatemala, Guatemala