English Language Arts Instructor


  • BA in the field of Education.
  • Basic Skills Test and Content Area Test completed in English Language Arts.
  • Type 9 license
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English)

Job Description

English Language Arts Instructor:

At Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, our teachers have four core classes of sixteen students each, and one elective course also of sixteen students. We expect for teachers to create their unit plans, their assessments and their classroom learning activities considering the following benchmarks, concepts and actions: Illinois State Standards and Common Core; Understanding by Design; Authentic Assessments; Student-Centered/Teacher Driven; Critical Pedagogy; Democracy; Self and Social Transformation; Culturally Relevant; and Community Building in the Puerto Rican community.

Our school is organized within a “Response to Intervention” framework which ensures: collaborative team work between teachers to not only plan, but also intervene when students are struggling; and school-wide structure to support ALL students learning at high levels. We are looking for candidates that can work in collaborative teams. Each teacher has planning time and a separate lunchtime each day for preparation for class.

Our school has a strong emphasis on the importance of literacy in the development of active global citizens. As a result, our instructors are expected to incorporate academically rigorous content and activities as well as relevant course materials that align with our students’ lived experience. Our school has a hydroponically based rooftop greenhouse that is a part of a larger community sustainability initiative to transform some of the health issues that our Humboldt Park community faces (e.g., diabetes, obesity, etc.). As a laboratory, the greenhouse and the community, have the potential to provide rich, hands-on instruction in any content area, and we are looking for instructors that demonstrate an interest in connecting with this initiative.

How to apply

How to apply

  • Visit us at www.pedroalbizucamposhs.org
  • Navigate to the “Contact” tab ; wait for the drop box. Then through the “Apply” tab click on “Staff”
  • Download the application, fill it out and mail it (2739 W. Division St., Chicago IL, 60622) to the attention of school principal Matthew Rodriguez, or email material directly to Matthew Rodriguez, mattr@pedroalbizucamposhs.org.
Chicago, Illinois
Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School,
Matthew Rodriguez

2739 W. Division St., Chicago IL, 60622