Education Program Associate

Brave New Foundation (BNF) is seeking a strong organizer and project manager to initiate and execute our college outreach program. Using our documentaries and campaigns as vehicles, the ultimate goal of this position is to create a solid infrastructure and network with Universities, colleges, student organizations, professors and college research institutes and engage the academic community. The Education Program Associate will be responsible for arranging screenings, events, and integrating our work into the college setting to help spark discussion and encourage action.

For over 7 years, Robert Greenwald and BNF have been at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Using full-length documentaries and new media campaigns BNF has been influential in informing the public, challenging corporate media with the truth, and motivating people to take action on social issues nationwide. Now we want to set our focus on educating, organizing, and sparking action within the academic community.

As the Education Program Associate, your role will be to oversee BNF’s college outreach program and utilize your organizing and project management skills to maximize our engagement with the college community. You will report directly to BNF’s Outreach Coordinator.

Ideal candidates will be adept in the following areas:

Organizing and Strategy: You’ll set goals and priorities for our education outreach, evaluate the program’s impact, and determine timelines. Ideal candidates must have a clear vision of the program’s goals and how to reach them. Candidates with strong organizing skills are a plus.

Outreach: You’ll identify and build relationships with a range of academic contacts. This includes colleges, professors, student leaders, research institutes/centers, and other key influencers within the college community. That will require experience cultivating establishing partnerships. You’ll need confidence, charisma and eloquence when reaching out and working with potential partners.

Initiative and Creativity: Given this is a new program, you’ll need to take initiative and think creatively to make this program successful. It will be up to you to devise ways to develop, implement, and improve this program. It’s also helpful to be well versed in social media and enthusiastic about finding new ways to use it.

Messaging: You’ll tailor the message of BNF’s content for different audiences. Strong writing skills will be essential given how often you’ll be emailing, pitching, and writing reports.

Progressive politics: Succeeding at this job will take basic familiarity with social justice advocacy and progressive politics. Having organizing or progressive political experience is a big plus. If not, you must be enthusiastic to learn.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

Minimum three years in social justice organizing and/or education outreach

Significant project management experience

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Strong service ethic with a specific desire to proactively seek out team members’ needs and resource/system challenges and provide solutions

Ability to prioritize and organize

Proficiency with Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) at an intermediate or higher level

Familiarity with social media and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nation Builder

Demonstrated ability to work independently and within a team

Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with others

Experience working for a non-profit organization

How to apply

To apply, email Timothy Molina at Please send a resume, cover letter, list of three references, and complete the assignment listed below. This is a full-time, exempt position based in Los Angeles, California.


Scenario: Outfoxed – one of Brave New Foundation’s first documentaries directed by Robert Greenwald – is coming up on its 10-year anniversary of its release. In 2004, Outfoxed was instrumental in exposing Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism and free press. However, what can this film be used for now? More specifically, how do you use this film in a college setting? How can it be applied to the current political climate?

Your task is as follows:

  1. Watch the film, if you haven’t already- there are more places than we care to count where you can watch the film for free.
  2. Spend 2 hours creating an outreach plan on how you would engage current college students with this film
  3. Create a concrete goal and timeline to measure your success – how do you know you’ve successfully engaged students around this film? Is it through screenings? Partnering with student organizations? Is it through organizing a college tour?
  4. Think creatively in constructing your plan and what resources you will use to help reach your goals.
  5. Try to keep this simple and really try to get this done in 2 hours – we’re looking for creativity, strategic thinking, and a calculated approach to reintegrating one of our first films into the current college community.

Brave New Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and employs without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, handicap or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. It is the policy of Brave New Foundation to maintain a work environment free from discrimination based on race, color, religious creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, veteran/military status, marital status or other status protected by federal or state law, with regard to any term or condition of employment.

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