Education and Communication Manager

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Grand Lake Stream, with a mission to contribute to the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters. DLLT sustainably manages the 33,708- acre Farm Cove Community Forest for wildlife habitat, forest products, and public recreation. We are seeking to expand our work through the 21,870-acre West Grand Lake Community Forest Project as described on our website,

With an outstanding Community Forest resource under our management, and strong cooperative relationships within our community, DLLT now has a unique opportunity to develop and expand our education and communication program. We seek to build stronger connections between residents, visitors, and the natural resources that sustain the economy, while educating future generations and building their appreciation for the natural environment and sustainable use of forest resources.

The Education & Communications Manager will lead development and expansion of DLLT’s Education program and assume substantial responsibilities for outreach communications including DLLT print and online materials. The Education & Communications Manager works under the supervision of the Executive Director. This is a full-time position with initial funding secured for the first three years.

Specific areas of responsibility include:

Education Program Development & Implementation: The Education & Communications Manager will lead and oversee development and implementation of DLLT education programs. Responsibilities will include overseeing the Explorations & Adventures youth-focused summer program and the adult-focused History & Heritage series, while developing partnerships with local schools and camp programs. The Education & Communications Manager will be expected to lead some programs, while coordinating others and arranging expert teachers, presenters, and program leaders.

Outreach and Public Relations: The Education & Communications Manager will be responsible for writing and development of print, online, and social media outreach materials and donor communications and will assist with media relations. Will plan and coordinate outreach and special events. Will provide information on and promote DLLT programs, plans, and policies to the DLLT community, other organizations, and the media. May assist with writing grant proposals.

Committee Support: Prepare Education committee agendas and reports to the committees and board, attend and participate in Education and Development committee meetings and other meetings as needed. Work cooperatively with Chair(s) and other staff to prepare committee meeting agendas and reports.

Staff and Volunteer Support: Manage and provide support for interns, contractors, and volunteers working in the Education & Communication Manager’s areas of responsibility. Assist in development of volunteer program, including recruitment and acknowledgement of volunteers.

Fiscal Management: Assist in developing budget recommendations and in evaluating financial implications of recommended activities.

Qualifications: Must have demonstrated leadership, education, communication, and task management capabilities. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are critical, along with demonstrated professional experience and proficiency with computers. Bachelor’s degree (minimum) is required. Wilderness First Responder certification preferred.

Location: Grand Lake Stream, Maine.
Compensation: Commensurate with qualifications and comparable to similar positions.


Send resume, cover letter, and contact info for 3 references by email to, ATTN: Education & Communications Position. For more information on the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, see DLLT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Position is open until filled.

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