Editorial Assistant

Summary Job Description: The editorial assistant assists the editorial staff with various stages of book acquisition and development, web outreach, and other aspects of publishing. Under the supervision of the editorial director and/or senior editor, the EA will assist with clerical and/or editorial tasks including organizing incoming submissions, tracking acquisitions in negotiation, handling the awards program, photocopying, mailing, filing, researching, tracking data, posting blogs to various websites, assembling manuscripts as necessary, processing contracts and royalty payments, handling various stages of proof as appropriate, and preparing and tracking correspondence. The EA is responsible for communicating with appropriate staff to ask questions and obtain information in order to complete assigned tasks correctly.

Specific Tasks
• Receive and review unsolicited proposals and manuscripts and ensure that submissions are being received, reviewed, and disposed of in a timely fashion. Respond to general editorial inquiries and requests.
• Determine, under the guidance of the Editorial Director or other editors within the department, the appropriate response to submissions, i.e. passing them on for further review or preparing a letter of rejection
• Maintain contact with writersacknowledge receipt, review, and progress of their submissions
• Evaluate proposalsread and review unsolicited proposals and manuscripts in a timely manner and, when merited, report in writing to Senior Editors and/or Publisher and/or other members of the editorial team on their potential for the CGP list.
• Assist editors with maintaining book specs, schedule, and author information on Quickbase.
• Assist Senior Editors, and other editors as requested, with maintaining their database of influencers, key blog contacts, and loudmouths by subject area, and mailing pertinent books to these groups on a regular basis.
• Gather and track changes in book specs for digital catalogs catalog.
• Assist the Senior Editors in tracking author advances and issuing payments in a timely manner
• Handle permissions inquiries and requests
• Maintain awards database and review it regularly. Make award submission recommendations to the Editorial Director and handle all aspects of awards won. Oversee the Editorial Intern in completion of awards-related tasks, if applicable.
• Handle timely mailing of all complimentary copies on receipt of bound books or oversee the Editorial Intern in completion this task.
• General administrative tasks include: going through general departmental mail on a daily basis; photocopying materials for meetings; conducting mailings (either from here, or in concert with the warehouse); and various editorial projects (manuscript organization, revisions, fact checking as requested); taking notes at all editorial meetings and then distributing them to participants for review
• Assist sub-rights manager with administrative tasks related to: mailings; sending out and tracking review copy requests and payments; helping to maintain Quickbase systems for subrights as requested.
• Provides general clerical support as requested.

Position Details: Full-Time
Reports to: Senior Editor
Qualifications: This is an entry-level position for a motivated self starter with a demonstrated interest in sustainability issues and publishing. Duties combine administrative and editorial functions and require the ability to work within a team environment as well as work independently. One to two years experience in print or multimedia publishing helpful. Must have: strong communication, writing, and interpersonal skills; ability to work in fast-paced, deadline-driven environment; Bachelor’s degree; strong computer skills and proficiency in Word and Excel; comfort with administrative tasks. HTML and other multimedia experience helpful.

White River Junction, Vermont
Chelsea Green Publishing
Brianne Goodspeed